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Midnight Blues.. *EOTD*

Hey guys! I hope you're well.
So, I took a little trip to Superdrug yesterday to pick up some Jet Black hair dye & Pantene's New Colour Protecting range (Which I will be doing a review on in a week or so's time)

Anyways, I came across two fabulous deals. My favo moisturising cream 'Astral' *HALF PRICE* (I purchased FOUR tubs *Blush* I know, I know but atleast my skin will always be super smooth hehe) and the second was this gorgeous Eyeshadow Palette. It was £3 off so I got it for £6.

 Its from the FAMOUS range by Sue Moxley.

This photo doesn't do the palette any favours, but the colours are so much richer & darker than this. It contains a gorgeous Grey/Silver (I know, my camera makes it look like a white eyeshadow.) It most definitely is a fab silver.
You then have a lovely creamy blue shade which on its own would look stunning.
The third Blue is actually a dark navy shade (Which looks like a light blue in the photo)
I've always been after a Blue, smokey eye palette. A lot of people know just how much I love the smokey eye look but using different colours instead of using your standard Grey & Black.

Anyway, I gave this a go. This is how it went..

Primed eye using Stilife by MAC.

I worked the Silver upto the Eyebrow.
Then, the lighter Blue and blended it from the middle of the eye outwards.

Next, I used the Navy on the outer eye & Blended really well.

Use a dark eyeliner to line the top and bottom of your eyes.
My Verdict: I don't think you can really complain for £6. I really like the shades, especially the lighter blue. I can definitely say that I will be wearing this look out a lot. (Smokey Eye obsession hehe) The only downside is you have to go over the eyeshadow a few times to get the full effect. For £2 an eyeshadow though, I really don't mind :)

Have you tried any products from the FAMOUS range by Sue Moxley?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. I've always kind of hovered over this range but never actually bought anything. The middle shade looks really pretty!

  2. Yeah, i've done that for ages too! I finally got something. Their palettes are stunning x x

  3. This palette is stunning! Love what you did with it :)

  4. I really like the palette, you have a beautiful eye shape :) x x

  5. i always look at the famous range but never actually pick anything up i will defo have to have a second look next time im in :) and lovely eotd chica x

  6. @GetGawjus Thank you :) & Agreed. they have some lovely nude shades too! x x

    @Nora haha aww thanks hun =D x x

    @Adrienne you definitely should babe. I'm gonna buy the nude palette laterhis week while the offers on x x

  7. The creamy blue eye shadow is really pretty. And you created a classy night look with this palette. Love it!

  8. @Shang J - Thank you hun, you're so right, its fab for a night out!

    @Kaushal - Why thanks Kimbo ;) x x