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"These are a few of my favourite things.." Part 2.

Afternoon all, One of the comments a lot of people made when I asked for feedback was how they loved my random posts about my likes & dislikes to get to know me that little bit better. So here we are, ROUND 2 hehe.

1. Affection.

Kisses, Holding hands, Cuddles. I'm in Love with it all. Just a lil romantic x x x

2. Cocktails with Friends.

I love having a good catch up with my friends, especially now after finishing Uni, some are married, some have cutie babies, & some are busy working away. It's lovely when we all get together, and it's even better when you're drinking pretty cocktails ;)

3. The Beach.

 I visited Great Yarmouth & Skegness a lot as a kid! I've always wanted to live on the coast! Hopefully in the future i'll move abroad & live right by the coast. It's so relaxing and looks beautiful!

4. Eye Make-Up.

I adore eye make-up more than anything. I have quite big eyes, so i've always worked with the eye area more than lips, cheeks etc. Winged eyeliner is my absolute favourite!

5. Handbags :)

I love being a girly girl. I'm all about Shoes, Handbags & Cosmetics. I need a Chanel in my life lol x

6. The thought of Travelling around the world.

One day, I would absolutely love to travel to the US, I want to visit San Francisco, New York, Miami. I honestly think I was born to be American haha My sister has nicknamed me 'Hollywood' because I walk around like i'm some sort of star, and I say the word 'Like'.. A LOT!
 I'd love to visit Paris, Mexico, Thailand and India too!

7. Working Out.

The past four months I have been working out a lot! It's great for taking your mind off things, stress relief and obviously keeping you fit! I've lost pounds and I feel great.
These days I can't sit still without thinking 'Hmm.. I fancy going for a long walk' or 'Hmm.. Trip to the gym? Oh, go on then!' I love the way i feel, and I love that i'm buying smaller sized clothing too! The best feeling ever!!

8. Frank Ocean

I can't even explain how much I love this guy's music at the moment. His album 'Nostalgia.. ULTRA' is just something else. I've been listening to him for the last two months now.
So impressed, and so obsessed lol
 His songs 'Novacane' & 'Swim Good' are SO worth checking out!! Thank you Reggie Yates of Radio1 for introducing this guys voice to my ears :)

9. Bikini's.

Yep, its Kimberly in yet ANOTHER bikini. Only difference this time is that i LOVE this Bikini!
 I've already got in touch with Beach Bunny Swimwear about it hehe I think I might get this as a birthday present in a few months time. I'm working so hard for a 'bikini bod' so why not celebrate by treating myself to a stunning Bikini ;) x x

10.  Summer Make-up Collections.

I love looking for new eye shadow shades for the summer, as you all know, I love eyeshadows! This palette is amazing! Perfect for the summer! Go Givenchy!! I will be doing a big review of their Summer collection very soon so keep an eye out :)

For now though, hope you enjoy this post!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x