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Thank You Miss Adrienne Adores :)

Bonjourrr! How amazingly sunny is it today? Its days like today I wish I was on the coast somewhere reading a fab book preferably by Nicholas Sparks. (Yes, a book. I love being a geek!)
I woke up this morning feeling a bit.. 'meh' & 'bleurgh' Can't even explain it but hopefully you get what I mean lol.. I think it's the lack of not having my Blackberry, Laptop or a life ha.. I then watched Dear John, which made me feel a gazillion times worse lol *bad idea*!
Yeah so anyway, I was feeling sorry for myself until I got a knock at the door.
I ordered some edible glitter & colourful beads earlier this week to bake birthday cupcakes for my mummy (If they look pretty enough, i'll be doing a post on em). About ten minutes later, the postman arrived and I recieved this..

I love Leopard print =D x

In the gorgeous Leopard print packet was..

I love just how pretty the wrapping was, I felt like an excited child in a sweet shop lol

The lipstick is 'Kraft' which is a creamy light brown, which is a stunning shade on my skin tone.

So, Thank you lots Adrienne. I love it :) Cheered me up loads lol x
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. aww bless :) so glad you liked it and thank you so much for posting about it, you being cheered up cheered me up hehe! xxx

  2. haha awww, i'm wearing the lipstick now. Gave the chew bar to my lil sis as i'm 'healthy eating' lol x x x

  3. Ooh congrats :D The lipstick looks lovely! xx

  4. Very pretty the lipstick. Have a nice weekend