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The Playful Indian - Greeting cards with a Desi twist.

May I just say, before this company even got in touch with me, I was already in love with a couple of their designs which had been flying around all over the internet.

The Playful Indian was originally called "Wild Clove." They are a small independent company based in Leicester who design greetings cards with a "Desi" twist. 
When you claim something is "Desi" it usually means that it is of an Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi descent. So a lot of the pictures and phrasing are from these countries.
These greeting cards are becoming ever so popular in the UK, America and even India. 

They are reasonably priced, bright, and very unique. The best thing is that you can order them online, so do have a look on the website. I have left the link below.
The company also design Clothing, Homeware and Accessories. I have one of their Tote bags which I absolutely love.

Do check the link out and show some love to the official Instagram page ' the playful indian' 
P.S. I will be giving these away in my Bloggerversary giveaway .. stay tuned! =)

Oh. & before I forget.. If you fancy 10% off, use the discount code "unleeshd" on the Playful Indian website :)

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. "You're the chilli to my paneer" LMFAO!

    I'm going to have to send the link to the website to my fam, they'd definitely appreciate it.


    1. Haha I love it too!! They're all so brilliant x