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"Love is a losing game.." - Amy Winehouse

Afternoon Everyone! I did stop blogging but I'm back for a one off post. I feel that I needed to dedicate this to the musical genius that is.. Amy Winehouse.
I'm so saddened by the news of her death.
Although, I didn't agree with her personal life, her music was just something else. I often listen to her stuff when i'm down and she has always inspired me. I remember discussing her music in a pub in Camden, talking about how I wish I could see her live one day.
That's one regret i'll always have!

I had hoped that she would sort herself out, but the dark side of the music industry was a little too powerful for her. I hope she's at peace now.

She really knew what she was singing about when she sang "Love is a losing game." Blake & Amy had one hell of a toxic relationship but weirdly she seemed to be at her happiest when she was with him. Love really is a crazy thing ay?

I feel a little sad dedicating this to her. So sad that we won't hear any new material from her other than the tracks she recorded before she passed.

Love you always Amy. I hope you really are at peace now.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. agree with everything uv said here! Very well put. Rip Amy xx

  2. im so gutted, I really believed one day she would wow us with a new album and sort her self out, i think love was her main addiction aswell as the rest xx

  3. So sad :(, i hope she's now at peace.

    Sadie x

  4. I was soo sad when i heard that she was dead. I am a huge fan of Amy. Love is a losing game is a powerful song. RIP Amy