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Coral Season. Mini-Post.

Hello lovelies :) How lovely has the weather been recently? I'm loving it, the only downside to this weather is, everytime the Sun comes out, I feel the need to go shopping! Thought i'd write up a little post on what I bought yesterday!

Mad About Mango & Tropical Temptation.

If there is one nail colour i've always been a bit iffy about, it's Coral. I'd never known what the big deal was until.. Miss Beauty Fulfilled came round to mine recently with a massive range of nail polishes, some of them being CORAL!

She painted my nails in Revlon's 'Tropical Temptation' and do you know what?.. I LOVED it!! I ended up buying my own bottle yesterday.
As well as Tropical Temptation. I'd heard a lot about Revlon's scented nail polishes so I bought a similar shade in this range 'Mad About Mango'

Revlon Scented Polish range.
I love this shade! Its so summery :) and my god, It smells amazing lol. If you haven't tried these, you definitely should! I can't stop smelling the scent! It lasts about a day, and bare in mind I have major OCD and wash my hands every 2mins lol It still lasted all day. I love it!

I hope you liked today's mini-post. Enjoy the rest of your week!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. I love the Revlon scented nail polishes... My fav id the Mango as well!x

  2. yeah its gorgeous :) looking forward to buying more x x

  3. ooh think I'm gonna have to go buy that, scent plus coral colour? love it!

  4. I have the green scented is very pretty. I also didn't like corals but when i try iot i loved it.

  5. Love these nail polishes! xx