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DIY - Skin brightening treatment

I love making my own Masks and Scrubs from home. There's something so fulfilling about making your own Skincare treatments.
I've made something similar to this before but it works so well for me that I felt the need to share with you. I suffer from really dry skin and I've also mentioned before how my arms tan more than the rest of my body resulting in uneven skin tone. This scrub is great for evening skin tone and adding moisture to the skin. So far, I've only been using this on my arms.
1/2 cup of Rice ( Rice is great for fading blemishes and brightening skin)
A pinch of turmeric ( Good for fading blemishes, reducing wrinkles and acne )
2 tbsp. FULL FAT Milk or Yoghurt (Moisturising & Nourishing)
A drop of Almond oil (Moisturising, Reducing dark circles & stretch marks, Sun protection)
(You may need to add more or less to get the correct consistency)

I've been using mine as a Scrub so I've been grinding Rice in the food processor leaving small bits to exfoliate the skin - If you want to make a mask..blitz the Rice for longer.
Add all Ingredients into a container. & mix well.
FYI - Applying this scrub can get super messy as the Rice gets everywhere!! I always apply this over a sink or in the Bath.
 If you are using it to exfoliate, rub into the skin for a few minutes and leave on for 5 minutes then wash off ;-) I do this twice a week and love what it does for my dry skin.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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