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Natural tan removing scrub - Some news!

Happy Saturday my dollies!
I wrote a little status on Facebook & Twitter recently about a natural scrub i'd conjured up at home. I gave it a go for a few weeks and here I am to disclose the info :D

Found on my facebook page, love it!
So, for some reason when then sun's out, my forearms are the only place that tan, I wouldn't care so much if I was covered from head to toe but as it's on my forearms only, My arms look ridiculous.
I get super self conscious as my arms become super super dark compared to the rest of my body.
They say Turmeric is brilliant for removing a tan and brightening the skin.
NOTE: This is NOT a skin lightener. It merely removes the dead skin cells bringing out your NATURAL skin tone again.
Ingredients are so simple.
3 tablespoons granulated Sugar
1 tablespoon Coconut Oil ( Almond would be great too)
1/2 teaspoon of Turmeric (haldi)
I mixed it all up, so it was a nice thick paste.
If your paste isn't thick, just add more sugar.
It can get real messy, so I did this before I had a shower. Stand in the bath or shower and scrub the areas you want to put it on. I personally wouldn't advise putting it on your face but that can be your own decision.
I washed it off with luke warm water. Your skin will feel super soft due to the coconut oil, after doing it once or twice a week for a month or two, you will see such a difference.
I would also use an old towel to dry it off with as the turmeric doesn't come off completely in the shower.
Perfect timing, as my Big Fat Indian Wedding prep is about to start.
I won't be blogging now for a couple months. Keep in touch with me through Instagram & Twitter @UnLeeshd
I will miss blogging but I WILL be back :)
Thank you for all of your lovely messages of support and well wishes for the wedding. I have a lot of love for you all.
See you all very soon, just call me MRS UNLEESHD :) x x x


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