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Ruby Red.. Perfect.

Evening dolls :) How is everyone? I've been on an RnB hype for the last 3 hours lol If you follow me on Twitter ( @UnLeeshd ) you'll know exactly what songs I've been listening to hehe sorry!

Last year, I slowly started wearing lipsticks, lipsticks have NEVER been my "thing." 
 I have quite big eyes, my eyes have always been my main focus make-up wise. I won't go a day without eyeliner (liquid or pencil) I own like a billion eyeliners lol
The first few lipsticks I bought were quite light and slowly they've become darker and brighter and, well.. more RED!

I love red lippies but it has to be a certain shade. I'm not a fan of the Orange reds.. I really don't think they suit my skin tone.
After a lot of searching.. I've found THE ONE!.. Collection 2000's - Ruby Red..

Looks slightly lighter here.

It's the perfect shade of red. Not too orange & not too dark & on top of that it's totally affordable.
The only downsides is the application, you NEED to use a lip brush to apply this lipstick, it can get a little messy without.
I know this through experience!

Hope everyone is well. Don't be afraid to say hello :)
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Nice!
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