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50 things about Me.. 41-50!!!


Just want to say a big fat sorry for the lack of blogging. Blogger has been a little unkind to me.. Photo's just wouldn't upload. I'm making the most of it today as everything seems to be working fine lol *Fingers crossed*

41. Chris Brown.
Everyone has an opinion on his personal life.. including myself. But you cannot deny that this boy is MAD TALENTED! His voice literally makes me melt inside lol.


42. London.
I love everything about London.. from shops, to buildings, to the general atmosphere.. Beautiful.


43. Liz Earle.
I've just Guest posted on Ruby's Blog " " Her blog is worth a really good read.. I love it!
I've been trying a couple products out & so far.. so very good!.

44. Bruno Mars.
I'm patiently waiting for this 2nd Album.. His 1st album was amazing!! Love the Brooney!

45. Urban Decay.
I remember how I used to rave about UD to my girls & all they used to do was argue and say how much better MAC eyeshadows were.. ALL of them seem to love UD a hell of a lot now.. Alisha always knows best ;) haha Only joking, I love the shades of eyeshadows and how gorgeous they look on.

46. Wavy Hair.
I have straight hair all the time & its always tied back due to work, So I love waving it and making it look a little nicer.

47. Taking Photo's.
I love taking photo's.. my camera is forever with me! Love looking back at them and reminiscing :)

48. Water.
This sounds like one of the most simplest things to love, but I genuinely love drinking water. I don't really drink anything fizzy.. so good for you! My fridge is currently filled with Fiji Water for my gym sessions lol

49. Tattoo's.
I so want a tattoo going down my spine.. a little like Victoria Beckham's.. gorgeous!

Enough said hehe :) x x x x x

Well that's 50 things about me, taken a little longer than I'd hoped but I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Bruno Mars <3. I love his songs!

  2. Spine tattoos are awesome, I definitely agree with you there! I have my own 50 things about me list if you would like to view it