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50 things about Me.. 31-40

31. Twitter.
I'd choose Twitter over Facebook anyday of the week. I love talking to randomers & I have made THE most amazing friends on Twitter. #ILoveYou

32. Giving people cards.. I'm addicted!
I just love sending people Birthday Cards, Christmas cards, Anniversary.. ANY sort of card. I've kept loads of mine since I was a kid.

33. My Iphone.. (Gloria is her name, after Madagascar Gloria ha!)

34. The smell of Dettol.!
Haha.. bet you didnt expect that ;) Ahh, its just so heavenly..mmm

35. DrawSomething.
I think everyones on this hype at the moment.. my artistic skills are SHOCKING! " UnLeeshd" is the Username.

36. Mini Eggs.
Call me the Crazy Mini Egg Lady.. cause I am ADDICTED to these babies <3 I love EASTER! Not just because of the chocolate but I genuinely just love this time of year :)

37. Jersey Shore/ DJ Pauly D.
I know people call it trash.. lets face it.. IT IS. But I love me some trash tele & PAULY D.. everyone watch his new show, Pauly D Project.. PURE PAULY D <3 *blush blush blush*

38. Rihanna.
My girl crush.. enough said!

39. Cooking.
I really enjoy cooking, i've always loved it & it comes so naturally.. Being Indian food is such a big part of our family get togethers so I guess that's where I get it from. I cooked a lush Thai curry the other day.. didnt taste as good as the one I buy at my favo Thai restaurant but wasn't bad at all for my first attempt hehe #Wifey

40. Victoria Beckham.
This woman has been my IDOL since I was 8.. 8!! I was obsessed with her back then, & I'm just as obsessed now. She gets a lot of bad press.. back off paps! ;) I absolutely love the woman. Hope I look that good after having FOUR kids.. (IF i want that many lol)

Hope you enjoyed this post.. Only one to go!! :)
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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