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L'oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara.. REVIEW!

Hi dolls!
I'm a big fan of fake lashes. I have a draw full of Eylure lashes as they were on 3 for 2 a little while ago. So when I saw the Cheryl/L'oreal ad on my TV, I had a sudden urge to buy this mascara and give it a go.
I paid £10.99 for this which I thought was a little steep as the MAC Mascara I usually use is £3 more than this one.

Anyway, I gave it a go. I gave my lashes two coats. My lashes are naturally very long & thick but I like to make them look even darker & thicker.
The consistency of this Mascara was disappointing. It has a very stodgy, sticky feel to it which I really don't like.
I guess the reason it's like that is that it's meant to add a really thick layer to your lashes to make them look fake.
I didn't like how heavy it made my lashes feel.

Knowing there are other Mascara's out there that DO NOT claim to make your lashes look fake YET do a better job than this Mascara is a little shameful.
 I currently use MAC Zoom Lash Mascara. Its one of my faves without a doubt. You can have a look at the differences here ..Mac-Zoom-Lash-Mascara-Review.

My verdict is clear after reading the above.
I feel like I wasted £10.99. It might work for others as every person is different. I can't stand the feel of it on my lashes but that could just be me.
It's fair to say I won't be buying this again. But kudo's to L'oreal for not promoting this Mascara with Cheryl wearing inserts as it goes against what the Mascara is about.
 It bugs me when they do that in Mascara ads. Well done on that but the Mascara definitely needs working on.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Completely agree with this comment hun... i found my lashes clumped together!!! took ages to get off too... not going to be getting it again xx

  2. The original telescopic with Penelope Cruz was amazing! (not the phenom'eyes givenchy dupe, the version before that) As was Voluminous and lash architect original. Once they start to bring out re-formats they're always pants like lash architect 4d, volume million luminizer, False lash Telescopic etc! I hate it when brands do that! Maybelline falsies is another one! How many variations can they possibly make?!LOL xx