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Valentines Day.. SOS

Happy Sunday lovelies, I don't like this part of Sunday, reality hits you "WORK TOMORROW!!" I do however have Wednesday off so its not too bad :D

Last year, I wrote a post helping people with Mother's day gifts. I wanted to do the same for Valentines. I love anything to do with romance & love & cuddles & affection. I'm so sensitive lol Any chick flick will make me cry, I cried watching Khloe Kardashian marry Lamar, Prince Wills marry Kate, Anything that cute, I just love it!

I had to do this post as Valentines is about celebrating LOVE. Even if you're a singleton, celebrate with your girls, or your family :)

Personally, I think the simpler the better. Don't get me wrong, I wouldnt say no to a designer pair of shoes/handbag or Diamonds haha But I love the simpler things! This post is for the lads & ladies!!

1. Flowers - There's nothing more special than that unexpected knock at the door, seeing a randomer with a MASSIVE bunch of flowers outside your house, delivering flowers from that Special someone.
It's such a beautiful feeling :)

2. A Scrapbook - Full of all the moments you've shared, Photos, receipts for certain places, tickets (train, cinema), anything that reminds you of that person. Sometimes making things yourself are the MOST special gifts.
Last year, I bought my mum a expensive watch for her 40th Birthday plus me, the bro & sis created a massive scrapbook of her life so far. She loved it so much, she'd totally forgotten about the watch!!!

3. Photo's - A framed photo is such a cute gift. Such a simple idea, but super cute :)

4. Cupcakes - Need I say more? They look lush, taste lush. Fabulous idea. Oh, and make them yourself, don't get "Lola" to bake em ;)

5. Cook their favourite meal - (3 course, of course ;) Lots of flowers & candles.. beautiful!)

Hope this has been helpful :) Have a great Valentines.
Just want to thank you as I reached 24, 000 blog views today!
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Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

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