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Oh, It's another Wish List!

Hi dolls! So sorry for taking so long to post, been very busy this last week. Been a fab week though, had a couple days off, spent some time in London which is my favo place to be these day :)

I've got two posts lined up this weekend to make up for my lazyness, woo! Got my blogging modjo back :)

I hope you're all happy & well!  I did mention on my Facebook page that I will be having a mini giveaway for Valentines, spread the word about UnLeeshd, Like my facebook page if you haven't already or add me on Twitter @UnLeeshd, I love chatting to you & getting feedback (good or bad), I'll post it up in the next week :)

Last year, when I first started this blog, I wrote a post called "My Wish List" I thought, it's kind of been a year since I wrote that, so why not write a new one.

I've spotted a few things that I would absolutely love. I may buy them gradually.. eek, or ask for them as pressies for Birthday etc :)

1. Ascot Contrast Bag.. £25 Accesorize
2. Matching Wallet, Accesorize, £10
3. Nude or Black open toe shoes from CRYSTAL BOUTIQUE! £98. Add them on Twitter.. @TheCrystalB_ I'm so in love with the shoes!!

4. I recently bought the I Phone 4S, named her GLORIA (dedicated to the Hippo in Madagascar lol!), Yes! I'm in LOVE. Yes! My life is COMPLETE lol I would love to have a Crystalized cover :) Also if there are any APPS you think I would LOVE please let me know lol

5. Lipsy Plunge Neck Belted dress, £65, the colour & style is GORGE!

I think this is enough for now hehe What's on your wish list?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. The dress looks amazing!