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Kardashian - Fashion.

I go on the Daily Mail website nearly everyday and these girls are ALWAYS on it. Most of the time, I sit there ADMIRING their outfits.

My body is super curvy like Kim's, It's lovely to be slim and have curves but god, it's a pain and very difficult finding the right outfits. So, I always have a look at the styles and types of clothing she goes for to give me an idea of what would suit my own body shape!

I absolutely LOVE some of the outfits I have recently seen.

Black & Teal, one of my favourite colour combinations!

Kourtney wearing Ted Baker Top & Skirt.

GORGEOUS dress! Absolutely love this outfit!

What do you guys think to their clothing style?

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. I loveeeeeee the Kardashian's style!! Especially kim's blazers and heels, kourtney's skirts and khloe's jumpers!! <3

  2. I love Kardashians' style!

  3. I love their style! & I always get inspiration from their looks.

  4. I love their style. They always dress so nicely and know how to pair things up. Lovely post! :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  5. I love the kardashian style!! My favourite kardashian is Kourney :)