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Birthday dress. SOS!

Hellooo sweeties.
I need you!!
I am after this dress, worn my Vicky from Geordie Shore. She looked amazing in it. I want it too!! I contacted her on Twitter and she said she bought it from Vicky Martin. It's £175. I would NEVER pay that much for a dress.

I've had my eye on it for a little while, It's a backless number too which I LOVE!
Melanie Fiona wore a similar dress in the video Let it Rain with Tinchy Stryder. Melanie Fiona's dress (Forward the track about half way through ;) )

So, i'm asking you lovelies for help. I want to find a similar dress for half the price. 
The first person to be able to find a similar dress for a nicer price will get a MAC product of MY choice for helping me out BIG TIME :)
I've resorted in your help after endless searching for it! I'm tired but I do NOT want to give up lol I really want it for my 22nd birthday which is at the end of this month eeek!
Help me my loves! 

Hope to hear from someone soon!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. hi lovely I've found a few, not exactly the same but I thought I'd show you anyway :)
    I know the feeling when you want something but realise it's TOO expensive! :([223017|208523]&noOfRefinements=1

  2. YOU, my darling have won yourself a MAC product! I am defo ordering "" this one!! x x x

  3. At H&M you can have one similar dress for $49.99 US . I hope you like it! I know I post this comment a little bit late but, I think the dress is very similar.

  4. I'm after this dress aswell but in gold!

  5. hi girls i really want a dress like this for my 21st! Anyone know any that are still around (none of these links are still available)

    1. Hi Kati!! ASOS is your best bet hun xx

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