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Little Giveaway :)

YEP! My very first Giveaway!! I'm nearly on 5 0 0 0 BLOG VIEWS!!!
It's my Blog's 2 Month Anniversary today hehe how cute! I have been so OVERWHELMED by your support & lovely comments.
So, as I have already said when I get to 100 GFC followers I will have a big giveaway, This giveaway will only be little, Just my way of saying Thank You!

ONE lucky winner will recieve ONE beauty product of my choice. It'll definitely be something by either Urban Decay or MAC.

All you have to do is.. Tell me ONE thing you like about 'UnLeeshd' so far and ONE thing you would like to see MORE of (Leave your GFC name, email address & if you have one, your @Twitter name)


You have to be a Public Follower or your entry will not count (Sorry!)

As this is a Mini Giveaway, you will only be able to enter ONCE.

The lucky winner will be chosen at Random (

Winner will be announced 3rd May 2011.


  1. I like your EOTD posts & the fact that you love the Kardashians :')
    Hmm, I'd like to see more reviews.


  2. Hey Leesh!

    I love your random posts, the ones where you talk about what you did during the weekend or something! I also like your EOTDs, LOVED the Bollywood one! :)

    I'd love to read more makeup reviews from you!

    GFC: GlamaDazzle
    Twitter: @glamadazzle

  3. Hey Leeesha Baby!! Graaaatz On the Blog views!! So happy for you Hun!! :)
    Anyway, I love your Blog, because It has Sooo much variety! You post about anything and everything, and I love reading it! You post So regulary, and Sometimes, even 2 a day So I love the consistency! :)
    I would really love you to Do some OOTD's!!
    Because Id Love to see your fashion taste! xx

    Anyway, as You know I follow you already as PinkSweetSz
    and My Email is
    And Im just about to tweet your Giveaway :D x

  4. Pink SweetSz tweeted your Giveaway and it brought me to your blog. I liked the pancake and cupcake recipes, your favorite quotes and that you have many posts on different topics. Also, I love the Kadashians and Jersey shore. I can't wait to see Jersey shore the latest season. My family and friends are watching it back in the USA. It is also funny to hear that you like American shows since I am an American. ha ha. It is a fun blog! Keep it up.

  5. I love the variety of your blog and that you keep up with your blog on a daily basis.
    I would like to see some more reviews!

    I follow you on GFC via KristynAnn
    My email is Kristyn_Ann(at)
    and my twitter name is @KristynAnn77

  6. Happy 2 month blogiversary and congrats on reaching almost 5000 blog views - That's amazing!

    I love your blog the way it is cause you blog about so many different things but I love your EOTD's the most and your more personal posts like your favourite things one ! If I had to pick, I'd like to see some OOTD's :D

    GFC: Lipgloss And Leopard Print
    Twitter: @Sriya_P

    Thank you doll xxx

  7. Hi!

    I love your EOTDS, always super pretty and I like how clear your instructions are.

    I would love to see more hauls as they are my favorite posts to read.

    - GFC: G A B Y
    - Email:
    - Twitter: @GabyFauchon

    Thank you! x

  8. Woah congrats on getting so many page views in so little time! It is deserved though!

    Like others have said I love the variety on your blog, you cover a wide range of things which keeps it interesting.

    I would love to see more personal posts and OOTDs

    Thank you!!

  9. I absolutely love your Eye of the Day looks, they are always gorgeous!

    I always love seeing Outfit of the Day looks because I find they give you a nice insight to the blogger as a person :)

    GFC: Emma Greenwood


    Thank you so much and congratulations! xx

  10. heyy lady!

    i LOVE any of your posts to do with your makeuplooks/outfit looks

    i simply adore posts showing your own personal style :)

    I would loveeee love love to see more posts about maybe your fav products? like your fav lippy, highlighter, foundation, with photos showing swatches and how it looks on you! simply would adore that :)

    Sundari U


  11. Hello Lovely!

    I love how versatile your blog is. You don't talk about one thing, you post about things that you enjoy in life in general which is refreshing :)

    I'd love to see outfit of the day post.



  12. Congrats on the page views!!
    I love your quotes posts, I love a good quote to get you thinking!

    I would like to see more posts of either funny things that happen/happened to you or your thoughts on random topics.

    Congrats again
    Ayshe Ismail

  13. Congratulations hun!

    I mainly like the variety of your posts, you also come across as a really friendly person x

    I love my make up so would love to see more posts on anything make up related x x

    GFC- makeupmonologue
    Email address-
    Twitter- @makeupmonologue

  14. I love the way you write and your "random" posts.
    I'd like to see some tutorials and your favourite products.
    Congrats on your page views!
    freeeedz at yahoo dot com
    @msriaaa on yt

    Have a fab day!

  15. I like your random posts. I would like to see more favourite products.
    i follow you has beautyshades

  16. i like your EOTD posts & would like to see more reviews.
    i follow you via GFC - collifornia

  17. Hiii Alisha! Congratulations on your 5000 blog views love!! Just catching up with the blog (taking a break from the Royal Wedding ;) haha) and noticed the competition!
    Ok the one thing I like about UnLeeshed is that you don't tweet about one subject, it's about anything and everything! Makeup/ Hair/ Tv/ Makeup looks- and all of it is interesting!! :)
    One thing I'd like to see more of is outfits! I'm guessing your fashion sense is as good as your makeup so I'd love to see more fashion and more of your personal style! :)

    I follow you via twitter and my twitter name is anj_10 :)

  18. Congrats on the views! :)

    I love reading your reviews they're really helpful! :)
    I'd like to see more outfit posts maybe? :)

    GFC - hannah.
    Email -

  19. I love the haul/swatchy posts they help soo many people out! :) would love more!
    gfc - tinker_bell1990