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Hey baby! I think I wanna Marry You.

Hello again!
I felt the need to give Bruno his own post because, let's face it, he's beautifully amazing..Just the way he is ;) 
As a lot of my Facebook Friends & Twitter followers know, i'm still buzzin' from last nights gig at the HMV Instituite in Birmingham.

I was very close which was amazing. He played nearly every song off his album 'Doo wops & Hooligans' 
Unfortunately, due to the lighting my photos didn't come out too well, I did promise to take lots of photos for you, so instead I've uploaded my videos to YouTube which is better than photos hehe. The quality isn't amazing but it does the job :) Bruno Videos!

I hope you enjoy watching them. He is just so talented, if some of you aren't Bruno fans. I really do recommend his album and i'm sure, one day you'll love him as much I do too hehe.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. I actually feel giddy looking back at them videos! I can't understand how one ma can make me SO happy haha!


    (and thanks again aleeshie poos.. lol)

  2. haha i thought you'd given yourself that nickname because of your future career hahahaha i know Deeks, seriously majorly giddy! x x x