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Emergency Cosmetics!

Afternoon you gorgeous lot!
I've missed blogging so SO much,  so thought i'd post a mini post before the Bollywood EOTD which will be at the end of the week (YAY!) =D
So, I had a thought today. If I was in a rush and needed to take my favourite cosmetics with me, what would I take? I own a lot of make-up and cosmetics in general. This is what I settled on..

Astral Cream. I've mentioned this cream in a lot of my posts. This cream is like fresh air to my skin, it feels amazing, its so light and you can use it as an all over moisteriser :) You can purchase it at Superdrug, Tescos, Wilkinsons & Bodycare.

St Ives. Apricot Scrub. I use this every morning, I love this scrub as it takes all the dead skin off your face and makes it feel so smooth and clean. 

MAC Sunny by Nature Skin finish. I love this stuff. I use it as a blusher as well as an all over skin finish depending on my mood. I don't wear foundation on a daily basis, If i'm in a rush i'll give my skin a once over with this amazing product. I love it, and it lasts ages!!

Bobbi Brown Gel Pot. This gel liner has to be my favourite. Its so smooth and so easy to use. I can't go a day without eyeliner so this would be a must!! hehe x
Urban Decay Palettes. I own quite a few Urban Decay palettes, they are so useful, you can wear them lightly for that everyday look or you can mix and blend colours for that heavier look.

What products would you take in your handbag or suitcase if you were in a rush?
Hope you liked this post.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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