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Raishma - Bespoke Bridal Collection 2015

Wedding Season is upon us.. how exciting!
 I so miss planning for my wedding. So if you are currently planning.. Good luck! 
If you need any advice, do email me.

Raishma is a boutique based in London offering bespoke ladies clothing. Raishma offers some fantastic pieces, I would say around half of the clothing is Asian style and the rest is quite Western. Raishma has an online shop which is currently offering 10% to customers if they sign up to the Raishma clothing Newsletter. Link to website, below.

The brand has been around since 1998, creating pieces of clothing that incorporate your design ideas, making the perfect designer dress. The clothing is of great quality. Raishma Islam has been trained under the very lady who designed Princess Diana's wedding dress, Elizabeth Emmanuel. How fabulous!

 Raishma is one very few British Asian designers who actually designs and creates the dress in the UK rather than designing here and having outfits made abroad. 
This is great as you can see your outfit being made bit by bit. I know that is one frustration I had when having my Bridal dress made, it was being made in Mumbai so I had no idea if my design ideas would go together. It was just a matter of waiting and hoping.

Raishma provides her clients with the best, personal one to one service. She is only booking 50 brides this year to make sure all brides get her personal attention and she is able to create the perfect bespoke dresses.

The 2015 collection ranges from Traditional Asian bride to Contemporary Western style. 

Raishma was recently at the Asian Bride Show, just look at how stunning this catwalk looks. The Vintage Rose dress was inspired by the gardens at Kensington Palace which I think is amazing. Raishma visited the palace and was inspired by her surroundings.

Raishma's brand is known to various celebrities such as Laila Rouazz, Priya Kalidas, Mel B, Shobna Gulati and even the lovely Meera Syal.

From gawping through this website, I can safely say that I am in LOVE with the ready wear on this website. The Kaftans especially, I can't get over just how beautiful they are. They are perfect if you're off to somewhere Hot and exotic. ( I kinda want to book a holiday now just so I can purchase one hehe ) 

Happy wedding season, people!! 
I hope you enjoy looking at these pieces as much as I have.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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