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Blogger/Vlogger of the Month - is None other than..

I think this month is perfect to name Kaushal my "Blogger/Vlogger of the Month"
On a personal level, I have watched Kaushal grow from strength to strength, and I am so beyond proud of her.
Many of you might not know, but she was the one who gave me the courage to Blog too, she helped set up my blog back in 2011 and I thank her so much for that as it is still going four years later.
 I know a lot of the bloggers who supported Kaushal from Day 1 are following her fantastic journey through social media now & are just as proud as I am.
It was quite emotional listening to Kaushal on the radio this week. If you didn't catch her, she was on Noreen's show ( BBC ASIAN NETWORK.. link below) It was such a funny yet emotional interview. What made it so emotional was that she was being 100% herself. The crazy, funny and super positive Kaushal I know and love came out on the air for everyone to see just how down to earth she actually is.
Kaushal's YouTube videos are fantastic. I have learnt so much myself through her tutorials. She breaks every look down so even a beginner can follow and apply it which is great.
Link to Youtube below.
If you don't already, follow her! Carry on being a great inspiration, sister! 
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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