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In Love With Fashion.

Rapid White - Triple Action Whitening, BOOSTER GEL.

Happy Saturday all.. I hope you're all having a lovely, chilled weekend. 
I've spent my Saturday, sleeping in till 9.15am, which is a lovely lie in for me.
I've also been to have my hair cut.. If you follow me on Instagram/Keek/Twitter under "UnLeeshd" you can see the new shape and even bought myself a new pair of shoes ;)

I've been looking into having my teeth whitened at the dentist but if I spend £250-500 on having them professionally whitened, I'd want to give up drinking fruit juices, coffee and TEA! 
I couldn't do that, so I'm going to try something at home.. cheap and cheerful. 

Let's face it, whether you get your teeth whitened at home or at the Dentist, you're probably going to do a little damage. I'm stupidly willing to sacrifice my teeth. I want a nice white set.. Damn The Only way is Essex for brainwashing my poor mind ha!

Boots. £8.70

" Simply add to any toothpaste  – a unique whitening gel that works alongside your existing toothpaste to help whiten teeth and prevent staining caused by red wine, coffee, tea, smoking and ageing"

As this product doesn't contain peroxide, it says it is safe for sensitive teeth.
 I'm going to give this a go, Day & Night for the next two weeks. I'll be back then for a review.

I know I'm not going to get a Hollywood white shade but I'll be keeping an eye out for some sort of change.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

The Saturday's - Rochelle. Preggo Fashion.

It's nice to write a post on a British celebrity, for once.
 I have such an American head ha I'm all about American shows, celebrities and the culture. 
I'm sticking to my roots today though and dedicating this post to..

It's so weird posting about Rochelle AND Pregnancy. 
I'm the same age as Rochelle and remember how much I loved the old band she was in "S Club Juniors" when they first came out, wishing I was part of all the fun haha 
It's crazy how time flies and here she is now, showing others how to look good and still be able to promote/perform whilst being pregnant.
There are a few pregnant celebrities out there at the moment, and I'd say Rochelle Humes seems to be putting them all to shame, fashion-wise. 

She's towards the end of her pregnancy and every time I see photos of her, she's glowing and looks fabulous.

This is how you do it.. Preggo Style. Fabulous Fashion. Good on her.
                                                       Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

On the top of my Shopping List. £60.
Words cannot describe how much I love these. I haven't added them to my 'Wish List,' 
They're on the "Priority list!" hehe

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Favourite Movie & Song of the Month..

Evening you beauties. New month, new movie & song recommendations :) 


I saw this at the cinema, last year. I haven't laughed that much at the cinema since Hangover 1 came out. 
The mix of Channing's sexiness and Jonah's hilarious banter makes this a MUST see movie.



I've loved The Saturdays from Day 1, but recently I've noticed them a lot more than I did before. This song is so catchy & I know for a fact it will be my new gym AND summer tune.
 I've watched the performance to this song on their hit show "CHASING THE SATURDAYS" on E! 
They sound great whilst doing all the crazy dance moves too! I love these girls and cannot wait to download this track. Been waiting weeks and weeks lol

Hope you enjoy these :)
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

REVIEW: L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara - Black Lacquer

This mascara promises to:
  • Volumise
  • Lengthen
  • Texturise
  • Curve
I tweeted a week ago, claiming that I'd found THE best mascara ever.. I genuinely do believe this is THE ONE and here it is..

I know it's a little out there to say this is the "best mascara ever" but, it has worked really well on my eyelashes.
 The mascara is a strong and dark shade of black. I love that this mascara is a little thick. 
The best thing about it is, it doesn't feel thick on my lashes. I put two coats on and this is how my lashes looked..
I've recently used just mascara and eyeliner on my eyes. No eye shadows as this mascara plus a little top eyeliner has such an effect.

They look fake, this look isn't for everyone, but I adore the thick and full eyelash look. I paid £10.99 for this and I know for a fact it will be the only mascara I use for a long time.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Vatika Coconut Oil - THE Review.

Hi my little cupcakes. You might have heard me raving on Twitter about how much I'm loving this new coconut oil I'm using on my hair at the moment. I even Keeked about it a fair few times.

You can see how healthy my looks here better than my photos.!WdVmbab

This is the product I've been using, very popular with the asian community. It is a very well known product amongst Asian people and can be bought in most if not all asian grocery stores. 
I paid £2.29 for this and I already have this on my shopping list for next month.

The scent is a bit like old coconut not so much a fresh coconut. You'll know what I mean if you've ever come across an older coconut. 
It has a sort of hazelnut smell to itl. I adore coconut in any form so this has worked out perfect for me.

Here's my hair after two weeks of using it..

It's looks slightly longer, it has a wonderful shine and lightness to it which is lovely. 
Unfortunately, it does get a bit static due to the lightness but I usually spray a little hairspray in, to control it.
The oil itself is massaged into the hair. 
I've used the product really well, about 8-10 times in the last two weeks and I still have half a bottle left.
 I must say, this hair oil is THE ONE for me. 
I've reviewed two others previous to Vatika and they've been lovely but haven't really sparked any sort of love connection.
I'm in LOVE with this natural oil and I recommend it to any one who would like very healthy looking hair.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x