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Rapid White - Triple Action Whitening, BOOSTER GEL.

Happy Saturday all.. I hope you're all having a lovely, chilled weekend. 
I've spent my Saturday, sleeping in till 9.15am, which is a lovely lie in for me.
I've also been to have my hair cut.. If you follow me on Instagram/Keek/Twitter under "UnLeeshd" you can see the new shape and even bought myself a new pair of shoes ;)

I've been looking into having my teeth whitened at the dentist but if I spend £250-500 on having them professionally whitened, I'd want to give up drinking fruit juices, coffee and TEA! 
I couldn't do that, so I'm going to try something at home.. cheap and cheerful. 

Let's face it, whether you get your teeth whitened at home or at the Dentist, you're probably going to do a little damage. I'm stupidly willing to sacrifice my teeth. I want a nice white set.. Damn The Only way is Essex for brainwashing my poor mind ha!

Boots. £8.70

" Simply add to any toothpaste  – a unique whitening gel that works alongside your existing toothpaste to help whiten teeth and prevent staining caused by red wine, coffee, tea, smoking and ageing"

As this product doesn't contain peroxide, it says it is safe for sensitive teeth.
 I'm going to give this a go, Day & Night for the next two weeks. I'll be back then for a review.

I know I'm not going to get a Hollywood white shade but I'll be keeping an eye out for some sort of change.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. I have heard about many teeth whitening products. Some are fake, they don't work it out. This one seems genuine. I recommend it.

    Las Vegas Dental Implant

  2. Do you know how I can purchase Rapid white in the US
    I have been trying for weeks and can not find a web site that I can order from in the US.

  3. Peroxide free products are great, I use peroxide free strips from Stella white every time I whiten my teeth. :)