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The Saturday's - Rochelle. Preggo Fashion.

It's nice to write a post on a British celebrity, for once.
 I have such an American head ha I'm all about American shows, celebrities and the culture. 
I'm sticking to my roots today though and dedicating this post to..

It's so weird posting about Rochelle AND Pregnancy. 
I'm the same age as Rochelle and remember how much I loved the old band she was in "S Club Juniors" when they first came out, wishing I was part of all the fun haha 
It's crazy how time flies and here she is now, showing others how to look good and still be able to promote/perform whilst being pregnant.
There are a few pregnant celebrities out there at the moment, and I'd say Rochelle Humes seems to be putting them all to shame, fashion-wise. 

She's towards the end of her pregnancy and every time I see photos of her, she's glowing and looks fabulous.

This is how you do it.. Preggo Style. Fabulous Fashion. Good on her.
                                                       Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

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  1. She always looks amazing, and even while pregnant she has great style, I dont know how she manages it but I take my hat off to her xx