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Vatika Coconut Oil - THE Review.

Hi my little cupcakes. You might have heard me raving on Twitter about how much I'm loving this new coconut oil I'm using on my hair at the moment. I even Keeked about it a fair few times.

You can see how healthy my looks here better than my photos.!WdVmbab

This is the product I've been using, very popular with the asian community. It is a very well known product amongst Asian people and can be bought in most if not all asian grocery stores. 
I paid £2.29 for this and I already have this on my shopping list for next month.

The scent is a bit like old coconut not so much a fresh coconut. You'll know what I mean if you've ever come across an older coconut. 
It has a sort of hazelnut smell to itl. I adore coconut in any form so this has worked out perfect for me.

Here's my hair after two weeks of using it..

It's looks slightly longer, it has a wonderful shine and lightness to it which is lovely. 
Unfortunately, it does get a bit static due to the lightness but I usually spray a little hairspray in, to control it.
The oil itself is massaged into the hair. 
I've used the product really well, about 8-10 times in the last two weeks and I still have half a bottle left.
 I must say, this hair oil is THE ONE for me. 
I've reviewed two others previous to Vatika and they've been lovely but haven't really sparked any sort of love connection.
I'm in LOVE with this natural oil and I recommend it to any one who would like very healthy looking hair.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x

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  1. Its been ages literally I used any oil... But Im tempted again by readin your post :-D Thanks for sharing love xx