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In Love With Fashion.

Happy Diwali.. & Random Talk..

Just wanted to write up a quick post to say HAPPY DIWALI to all my lovely readers. I really hope the New Year brings you good Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness.

I just love it this time of yearrrrr *DJ PAULY D VOICE*. I'm off to my aunt's now for lots of Indian food & a night of fireworks :) Perfect way to end my day off from work hehe

My morning was so rubbish, The NHS worries me.. bigtime! I went to the hospital to have a few blood tests done & the nurse was TELLING me I had an appointment to see the Dentist..(Erm.. No & what was she trying to imply lol I have the straightest natural teeth ever)
They make you feel so safe in that place.. not! lol

Ha.. Anyway, I made up for it by treating myself to tickets to see THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!! I've been wanting to see these guys since I was a kid. Was such a big fan of them & N*sync. It's one of those things you just HAVE to go to, doesn't matter how much it costs or where it is & I can't wait.

To end this post I thought I'd add a link to my favourite BSB track.. Enjoy.

Leesh's favo BSB song x

Big hugs & Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Perfume Galore..

Hey loves. Was sorting my super massive wardrobe out today. I really know how to be messy when I want to be. Took me a good two hours to actually sort it all out.

I feel so good now (I'm a little OCD) ha!
Anyway.. I keep all my nail polishes and perfumes on the shelf.
I couldnt believe how many Perfumes I still had considering how long it had been since I bought them.

Thought i'd share my every growing collection!

From Top left..clockwise.

Narciso Rodriguez - For her (Musc collection)
Avon - Little Black Dress
Elizabeth Arden -  Mediterranean
Chanel - Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
Chanel - Chance (Eau Tendre)
Paco Robanne - Lady Million
Givenchy - Le Secret
Prada - Candy

Adore these fragrances!! Lady Million is my absolute favourite, I'm addicted to the Men's one too haha not on myself obv!

What are your favo fragrances?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Completely Obsessed!!

Evening my darlings.
Just watching X Factor and one of the girls in Rythmix reminded me of what I was meaning to blog about a few weeks ago.
My absolute new obsession is..


I can't even explain how much I adore them!
I think its because i've never really worn tights before. Readers that have read my tweets and read my posts over the last 6/7 months will know i've mentioned my weight loss.
Since going down two dress sizes I've been a bit more daring with what I wear. 
I wear the shortest of dresses, even wear shorts!! I never did before, I practically lived in Jeans.

Here's a few I absolutely adore, all available (slightly pricey) on

I've seen my style icon KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN wear them! The more I see them on others, the more I think WOW! I need to get me some o those!!

Love them! Do you guys like patterned tights?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

It's Leesh of UnLeeshd

Hey lovelies. I thought it would be a great idea to re-introduce myself. I started this blog on 26th Feb of this year.

I started it off because I was in a bit of a rubbish place.. Jobless after graduating, and having no clue what I wanted to do.
Having nothing to do with my days.. I needed something to take my mind off everything.
My friend Kaushal of "" kept mentioning how I should Blog. I finally did it and i'm so thankful to her.
It's definitely helped me get through rubbish times.. & the best part is the people i've got talking to, who have now become my friends (Those of you on my Twitter will know who you are!)
Fellow bloggers are so supportive, they showed me so much support from start to even now, Thank You!
I have new followers & readers now & I'm sure they haven't read my very first post, so thought i'd do a new intro to give you a little insight into who I am :)

So here's my updated intro..
This is ME! Alisha aka "Leesh of UnLeeshd"
I hardly ever put photos up of myself on this site. Usually it's just half of my face lol I've always been skeptical about it to be honest. For this post, I'm happy to do so.

I love to Write (very therapeutic)

I love Reality TV (The Kardashians, The Only Way is Essex, Don't Tell the Bride)

I love LOVE (Complete romantic, I live for weddings and romantic movies and cuddles and affection)

I love MUSIC (I've been to see Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chilis, Drake, J Cole, JLS, Olly Murs... Blue! lol don't say a thing!)

I love Make-up and Fashion (More into make-up though, I am rubbish at shopping for clothes but I do somehow make things work!)

I love Exercise.. (Yep! You read that correctly lol Going to the gym, or Power walking.. I love it. Really helps me relax!)

I love Quotes and anything about Positivity! 

Having a cheeky laugh with my fabulous friends.

In the future..
I want to get married in my late 20's, a countryside wedding, massive manor house & have a bajillion babies ha!

I want to either work as an English Teacher, A writer or A WEDDING PLANNER! They are completely different, but in some way or another will make me happy.

I want to move to the States. I feel like the States are calling me lol I've never been but I just KNOW I'd love the life!

Realistically though, If I didn't move to the States, I'd set up home here in England on the coast somewhere or in the busy City of London

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

80s night EOTD & OOTD..

Hi again everybody!!
I never do Outfit of the Days.. So here's my first hehe & I'm spoiling you even more by adding an Eye of the Day too :)

I mentioned in a post the other day about an 80s birthday party I was attending & how I was going to do my make up. I actually changed the look completely!

But here you go..
 (Please excuse my messy room lol)

The top is actually from the Ann Summer Pyjama section, it doesn't really look like a pyjama top lol It comes with plain black leggings.
I love it.

Everything else I just ordered from random 80s night websites & borrowed off mates.. I fell in love with everything on the websites. Even bought a cheeky neon pink garter to add to the 'Punk' look.

I loved dressing up 80s style.. BRING IT BACK! Amazing!

Make up wise.. I added some Orange & Blue to the Pink I was originally going to wear (Check "Pink Friday" post.)

Eye of the Day..1.

Eye of the Day..2.
I used a mixture of Urban Decay & Beauty UK palette. The eyelashes are by Eylure.. number 145. I love these lashes! I tried the Double lashes but they are So hard to stick on. These are defo the next best thing. Love them!

Hope you liked this post lovelies.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Kim K takes Dubai..

I hope you're all having a nice and relaxed Sunday. I have two posts for you today, the other one will be a long post..Lotsa pics!

Thought i'd do the short one now.

I've spotted on Twitter that Kim Kardashian has recently taken a trip to Dubai to open a Milkshake place.. I've not really looked into it but it's something along those lines.
Anyway, I'm not bothered about that. All I care about is the FASHION!

Her Dubai wardrobe is amazee!! & really suits her. But then again, Everything seems to suit her (Very Lucky!!)

Kim wearing a traditional Burkha x

I think Kris & Kim look gorgeous in these Traditional outfits.
What do you think?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

"Pink Friday".. EOTD

Hello my loves:)

Thought to name this "PINK FRIDAY" Seeing as it's a very pink EOTD & well.. its Friday! *State the obvious Leesh!* lol

I'm attending a 70s & 80s themed party tomorrow. Was just practising make up looks. I'm gonna go for this one but add more smokiness. I'm going as a Rock Chick/Madonna/Grungy type chick.
Hopefully, if the photos come out nicely i'll post some up :)

I have used..
 Fishnet by Urban Decay
Blended "Zero" into it which is a shade of Black again by UD.
Then used the Bright Pink from BeautyUK's eye shadow collection.
To finish this look off I have used "Ransom" by UD under the eyes which is a shade of Purple.
& lined it with Maybelline's liquid liner :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend :)
   Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Hair Colour.. YOUR Opinion!

Gorgeous readers..

My hair is soo long & heavy right now. I'm having it chopped into on Thursday, with a bit of a side fringe going on. 
I wanted to ask you about.. HAIR COLOUR!!

This is the colour of it at the moment..

It's a dark brown.. I'm sure a lot of you have been watching X Factor at the moment.
One of the girls in the band "RHYTHMIX" has the hair colour I've always wanted. Just didn't know if it was a YAY or NAY?

The girl on the Left.. Purple hair.
I love that shade of Purple. Probably wouldn't want it THAT exact purple. Would want it slightly darker. But what are your opinions??

P.S. Congrats to KRIS_BEAUTY for winning my Giveaway!!! :)

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

No7.. Bargain? EOTD

Hey loves. I hope you're enjoying the week. It's nearly the weekend.. YAY!
I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, I'm sure my Twitter followers will know this seeing as i've moaned about it a few times already today (Sorry, needed to get it off my chest lovelies!!)

Anyway, I wanted to perk up a bit so thought i'd put some eye make up on lol AS YOU DO.

I went into Boots a few times over this week to spend my £5 off No7 voucher. Now usually, I'd just buy a nail polish and not give their other products a go, but this time round I chose a few others.

I recently ran out of MAC Face & Body foundation and thought "Why not just try something by No7?"
So i'm now using their Lift & Luminate foundation (ALMOND) It has SPF 15, and is like a moisturiser. I must say, I was very impressed with the coverage.
 *Remember dolls!* You need to make sure you use a foundation with a moisturiser in or a moisturiser under your foundation now that the weather is getting colder. Don't want the skin getting dry and looking dull

I'm giving the foundation about a month before I do a proper review on it, but so far, so very good. Using my £5 off voucher. I bought it for £10.50 which is half of what I'd usually pay if i was shopping at MAC or a similar brand. SCORE!

They gave me yet another £5 off voucher so I went in again and saw this offer..

If you buy their new "Lash Adapt" Mascara for £12.50, you get a Smoky Rose Quad Eyeshadow palette for FREE ;)

£12.50, No7, Boots.

Free, Smoky Rose Quad eyeshadow palette.
Starting with the Mascara, "A smooth, glide-on mascara that builds layers to create multiple lash looks.."
My personal opinion is.. It's definitely smooth and glides on great, perfect for an everyday mascara if you like the simple eyelash look. However, I ADORE FAKE LASHES, So if i can't be arsed to put a pair on, I like my Mascara to make my lashes look as long & thick as possible. I actually think this mascara did the opposite. Have a look and you'll get what I mean..

Without ANY mascara. Natural.

With No 7 Lash Adapt. 2 coats.
It made by lashes look darker, but clumpier and actually made them less curled. Like i said before, I wouldn't say this was the worst Mascara ever, its actually pretty good but for people who like simple looking lashes.

And now the palette :)
I love it! I don't think spending £7.50 on a Mascara that i'm not fully amazed with is a problem, because I actually LOVE the free palette.

I love the colours, you can use three for a Daytime look and then add the darker shade to make it as smoky as you want for an Evening look.
Adore this palette already. Reckon i'll be rocking this look (if not smokier) out this weekend.

What do you guys think?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

ALAN CARR.. You Spexy Beast!

Hi dolls,
I mentioned the other day that I was off to The NIA, Birmingham to see my absolute favourite comedian.. Mr ALAN CARR.

He's a Northamptonian so I have a soft spot for him hehe Love the guy. I met him about 3 years ago haha was a bit of a mission to say the least!

***Leesh's blonde moment story*** 
I saw a sign at my local WHSmiths, something about Alan Carr's book signing. So I got super excited and thought OMG! I've gotta be there! I love this guy.
His book wasn't even out at the time so I just took my "Toothfairy" DVD.
I told my cousin sis about it & she even took the afternoon off work... (think you can see where this is going...)
I missed 1 lecture & 1 seminar at Uni... went into town. We got there on time and everything, but the place was empty!!?
I kept thinking, surely i'm not his ONLY fan, Where is everyone?
After a 10 minute search, we looked at the same sign I saw that day I first saw it.. turns out we'd gone a week early LOL.. Yep!
I didn't bother looking at the date. I just saw TUESDAY, Didn't bother looking at what Tuesday! Dear Oh Dear!*** Anyway, I went the week after and FINALLY met him hehe

Now, I've watched his Toothfairy DVD thousands of times and was a bit skeptical about this new tour, wasn't sure if he'd be able to produce something as amazing as the last one.

All I can say is.. What an absolute talent! He did it again. I was laughing so hard, I had to take a few puffs of my inhaler. I couldn't get my breathe back haha! How bad is that!!!?

Anyway here's a few pics :)
We were SO close :)

My new night time eye mask lol :)
 His dvd is out later this year, defo worth buying i'm sure! He always adds a smile on my face, especially with those little jokes about Northampton. Let's face it guys, he's right!! haha x x

Brilliant night.
P.S. 1 week left to enter my giveaway :)

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Weekend Random Post :)

I just felt like posting something hehe. I'm having such a FAB weekend. Thursday I worked myself so hard at the Gym and then power walking for hours and then skipping, my body was aching! So, thought i'd take the day to pamper myself a little. WE ALL NEED PAMPER TIME!

I visited my local nail place and asked for a Mani/Pedi. It was LUSH. I felt super special and spoilt hehe I had one person doing my hands for me, and another making my feet look pretty!
And if that wasn't enough, they had me sitting on a brilliant Massage Chair. Just what I needed.

This is the colour I chose for both my hands & feet. It's by China Glaze.

I love this colour. It's super Summery <3

To end my weekend, I'm off to see Alan Carr tomorrow at his SPEXY BEAST tour. I can't wait! I've seen his TOOTHFAIRY dvd atleast 100 times hehe I know it off by heart *GEEK*

I got tickets a year ago.. Great tickets too hehe. I'll post about it on Monday!!

Remember, Only 9 DAYS till the Giveaway ends. To win an URBAN DECAY PALETTE *worth £27* & ELF Cosmetics. Just click on this link..

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x