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No7.. Bargain? EOTD

Hey loves. I hope you're enjoying the week. It's nearly the weekend.. YAY!
I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, I'm sure my Twitter followers will know this seeing as i've moaned about it a few times already today (Sorry, needed to get it off my chest lovelies!!)

Anyway, I wanted to perk up a bit so thought i'd put some eye make up on lol AS YOU DO.

I went into Boots a few times over this week to spend my £5 off No7 voucher. Now usually, I'd just buy a nail polish and not give their other products a go, but this time round I chose a few others.

I recently ran out of MAC Face & Body foundation and thought "Why not just try something by No7?"
So i'm now using their Lift & Luminate foundation (ALMOND) It has SPF 15, and is like a moisturiser. I must say, I was very impressed with the coverage.
 *Remember dolls!* You need to make sure you use a foundation with a moisturiser in or a moisturiser under your foundation now that the weather is getting colder. Don't want the skin getting dry and looking dull

I'm giving the foundation about a month before I do a proper review on it, but so far, so very good. Using my £5 off voucher. I bought it for £10.50 which is half of what I'd usually pay if i was shopping at MAC or a similar brand. SCORE!

They gave me yet another £5 off voucher so I went in again and saw this offer..

If you buy their new "Lash Adapt" Mascara for £12.50, you get a Smoky Rose Quad Eyeshadow palette for FREE ;)

£12.50, No7, Boots.

Free, Smoky Rose Quad eyeshadow palette.
Starting with the Mascara, "A smooth, glide-on mascara that builds layers to create multiple lash looks.."
My personal opinion is.. It's definitely smooth and glides on great, perfect for an everyday mascara if you like the simple eyelash look. However, I ADORE FAKE LASHES, So if i can't be arsed to put a pair on, I like my Mascara to make my lashes look as long & thick as possible. I actually think this mascara did the opposite. Have a look and you'll get what I mean..

Without ANY mascara. Natural.

With No 7 Lash Adapt. 2 coats.
It made by lashes look darker, but clumpier and actually made them less curled. Like i said before, I wouldn't say this was the worst Mascara ever, its actually pretty good but for people who like simple looking lashes.

And now the palette :)
I love it! I don't think spending £7.50 on a Mascara that i'm not fully amazed with is a problem, because I actually LOVE the free palette.

I love the colours, you can use three for a Daytime look and then add the darker shade to make it as smoky as you want for an Evening look.
Adore this palette already. Reckon i'll be rocking this look (if not smokier) out this weekend.

What do you guys think?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. :o your natural lashes are amazing! agreed that the mascara does nothing for them though, which mascara would you recommend to make lashes look thicker and curl upwards out of interest? I'm on the hunt :(
    Anj xx

  2. You have amazing natural lashes! :)

  3. I've had a similar experience with no. 7 mascaras...not impressed! Love the palette, though! Such perfect colors for fall, and you gotta love that it was free :)

  4. Finally, I can comment on posts! Aww, thank youuu!!

    & I agree hun, the palette is gorge!!

  5. Omg you have better lashes in the before pic, you have amazing natural lashes... very jealous :)
    I dont have much no. 7 products that palette is gorgeous. x x

  6. Nice review....palette sounds good product!!!

  7. You get a palette for free!?
    That's such a great buy!

    Nice blog!