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Kim K takes Dubai..

I hope you're all having a nice and relaxed Sunday. I have two posts for you today, the other one will be a long post..Lotsa pics!

Thought i'd do the short one now.

I've spotted on Twitter that Kim Kardashian has recently taken a trip to Dubai to open a Milkshake place.. I've not really looked into it but it's something along those lines.
Anyway, I'm not bothered about that. All I care about is the FASHION!

Her Dubai wardrobe is amazee!! & really suits her. But then again, Everything seems to suit her (Very Lucky!!)

Kim wearing a traditional Burkha x

I think Kris & Kim look gorgeous in these Traditional outfits.
What do you think?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Can't get over how gorgeous Kim looks in the traditional Burka, she looks like one of those posh arab women. MUCH LOVE for this post. xo

  2. She's a goddess, she would look gorgeous even in a paper bag!

  3. She always looks stunning! Can’t decide which outfit I like more.

    Btw I nominated you for the Liebster award since you totally deserve it x