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NEW Make-Up Organiser

When I moved to the U.S. I packed my make up into THREE old make up bags as well a large carrier bag. My old MUJI storage didn't fit into any of my suitcases so I left it at home.
My intention was to buy a much bigger and deeper set of drawers, however I came across this one..
I gave my Husband a headache when choosing my Make-up organiser..
When seeing this one, I was still umming and arrring as I didn't think it would look as neat and tidy as a set of drawers.
Since my make-up was taking over the whole Bathroom unit, I decided to just buy it.. and GUESS WHAT? I actually like it.
It spins around and actually doesn't look as untidy as I originally thought it would. I paid just under $30 for this which works out at around £19. REALLY!!?
You can't go wrong for just under 20 quid. I fit all of my make-up on it and it still has space for MORE!! ;-)
Luckily, my bathroom unit came with some drawers so I've used one for all of my make-up palettes. I left quite a few back in the U.K. this is probably half of the palettes I own.. oopsie.

I purchased this from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I believe these are actually really easy to buy from Amazon too!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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