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Fashion Icon of the Month - FARYAL MAKHDOOM

Firstly.. Can I just say that ever since I heard FARYAL's name.. I've always said it would be a lovely name for a Baby Girl. In some languages, Faryal means Angel. Its such a beautiful name.

OK.. Baby names aside ( and NO I'm most definitely not expecting lol
I recently found Faryal Makhdoom on Instagram and thought.. 
"Woah! This girl knows how to dress!" She posted a photo of a Valentino Bag and shoes and I literally went to Designer shoe HEAVEN! While I'm here in the States, my mission is to leave here with a nice Designer pair of shoes.. or a bag.. or both ;-)

No more words now. Just pictures of some of Faryal's best outfits.. I've left my best one till last.

Enough said.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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