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Eve Lom - Cleanser- THE REVIEW

I finally visited a SPACE.NK in Birmingham last weekend. I was very impressed with the range of products and wish my bank account allowed me to buy a lot more than I did.

After Kaushal's ( recommendation, I bought the smallest tub of Eve Lom's raved about cleanser. 
Thought I'd try the small one first to see if my skin took to it.
The cleanser comes with a Muslin cloth.

£40 - 50ml

 The consistency looks like a solid wax until it warms on your skin, it is very oily but the oil comes off really well when you use the Muslin cloth.
I have been using this all week, and after only a weeks use, my skin feels very soft at all times. I suffer from dry skin, especially during the colder months. I'm sure this product has been bought at the right time.
The only thing I will say is the price is a little steep. The smaller tub I purchased is a 50ml and cost me £40 which is a bit much. But I can assure you, you can make this product last as a little goes a long way.
The scent isn't as overpowering as I thought it would be considering it has Clove and Eucalyptus oils in.

Here is a helpful little video on this product:

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

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  1. I haven't actually heard much about this cleanser before, sounds great though! x