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In Love With Fashion.

Green Tea Chai - LOVE

Since the title of this post gives it all away. I will leave you with the photo. Go out and get this if you're a tea drinker, its full on, delicious & Oh, so healthy.

Holland & Barrett.. £1.99 for 20 bags.

I bet this will convert you into Green tea drinkers..

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Aveda's Invati Hair Range.

I have recently been introduced to Aveda products. I've used Herbal Essences for so long, I never thought to use any other brand. Until..

I saw this advert on the tele. I'll tell you now, I'm one of those irritating people who can't leave adverts on, I switch from channel to channel until my tv shows on again. Something about this ad had me HOOKED!

I love Indian remedies, this ad reminded me how amazing these remedies are. 
Turmeric is a well known spice to us Indians. I was always told to drink warm milk with 1/4 spoon of Turmeric (haldi) as it was good for you, especially when poorly. Turmeric is used for many different reasons Skincare, haircare, cooking. It's amazing.

I'm very " in to" natural remedies as oppose to relying on medications and different chemicals unknown to me. 
This advert just caught my whole attention.
I've got the whole range at home and I love it. 

This range promises to reduce hair loss and breakage to keep hair longer.
 The scent might be a little strong but I can assure you, your hair does not smell of the shampoo once its dry. 
It definitely smells of mild spice, if any of you have ever tasted "Paan" also known as a Betel leaf, it kind of smells like that but you can't smell it once you've washed and dried your hair.

My hair feels so healthy and thick. I used to hate having thick hair as a kid but all I want now is thicker hair! I highly recommend this product. This range comes with a Scalp Revitalizer which you spray and massage into the scalp. I've only used the Shampoo and Conditioner so far. I will do a seperate post on the Spray once I start using it.
All Invati kit is £86.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

100th episode of CHATTYMAN!

A quick message to my fellow Alan Carr/Chattyman fans.

Chattyman's 100th episode is on Channel 4 at 10pm tonight. 
I can't believe Alan's done 100 episodes of this hilarious show.
I've watched every single episode and still love it as much as I did the first time I watched it.
 I took my Mum, her bestie and my gorgeous friend Lawrence to sit in the Chattyman audience (Vernon Kay, Ricky Gervais, Warwick Davis). It was definitely one of the funniest evenings I'd ever had.

Tune in tonight as he has RIHANNA, JUSTIN TIMBO plus DAVID HAYE! After the stressful week I've had, I cannot wait to tune in!

Don't laugh.. I was 18/19! (5/6 years ago! arghh!) Northampton town, wearing a pair of "Playboy" jeans. God, give me strength!

Spexy Beast Tour.. Can you tell how much I love this guy? (In a non-stalker way)

Tune in tonight! I can imagine its going to be a good'un!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Preparing for the Winter with Eve Lom.

 I recently wrote a blog post about the Eve Lom Cleanser, which I am IN LOVE with. 
The colder months are upon us and I know exactly how my skin reacts to it. I have dry skin all year round but the minute it gets colder, my skin becomes so dry and flaky. 
Not the best look, is it?

Since the Eve Lom cleanser has impressed me, this day cream will be my next purchase..

£40 for 50ml

It claims to:
-Give a matte finish, perfect base for make-up application
-Minimise apperances of fine lines

 Buy here:

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Original Nipple Balm for Lips - DR LIPP. REVIEW.

You didn't read this wrong. YES! This lip balm was once used as a Nipple balm for breast feeding mothers. 
Dr Lipp's Nipple balm for lips can be used for EVERYTHING skin wise.
You can use it during and after pregnancy, on Baby's bottoms, Eczema, Dry skin problems in general as well as using for lip gloss, as an eye cream or highlighting purposes.

I mentioned in my last post how I visited a SPACE:NK in Birmingham. This was needed! Especially since the colder months are upon us, it is so important to moisturise.

£11.50 for 15ml
I'm loving this product. The only ingredient in this product is Medical Grade Lanolin. I love products that are natural. This product is also Hypo-allergenic. 
My skin is so sensitive, I'm constantly itching away. This product is thick enough to moisturise thoroughly into the skin without irritating it even more.
It is only a small tube but you don't need much if you're using for small everyday uses e.g. Lips, nipples, under the eye, highlighting.
In my opinion, this is a handbag ESSENTIAL!

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Eve Lom - Cleanser- THE REVIEW

I finally visited a SPACE.NK in Birmingham last weekend. I was very impressed with the range of products and wish my bank account allowed me to buy a lot more than I did.

After Kaushal's ( recommendation, I bought the smallest tub of Eve Lom's raved about cleanser. 
Thought I'd try the small one first to see if my skin took to it.
The cleanser comes with a Muslin cloth.

£40 - 50ml

 The consistency looks like a solid wax until it warms on your skin, it is very oily but the oil comes off really well when you use the Muslin cloth.
I have been using this all week, and after only a weeks use, my skin feels very soft at all times. I suffer from dry skin, especially during the colder months. I'm sure this product has been bought at the right time.
The only thing I will say is the price is a little steep. The smaller tub I purchased is a 50ml and cost me £40 which is a bit much. But I can assure you, you can make this product last as a little goes a long way.
The scent isn't as overpowering as I thought it would be considering it has Clove and Eucalyptus oils in.

Here is a helpful little video on this product:

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Bollywood Fashion - Aashiqui 2.

I FINALLY got round to watching a film called Aashiqui 2. The first one came out when I was about 3, since the day it came out, I have been obsessed with the soundtrack. Here we are 2013, OBSESSED with the sequel.

If you aren't familiar with Bollywood, I highly recommend you buying a bollywood movie as most come with English subtitles, you'll fall in love too.

Anyway, I watched this last night and fell in love with this saree. I'm actually considering to buy it.. £240!! Do I? Don't I? I think I know your answer lol

From Colours, to detail, to simplicity, to the blouse. Perfection.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x