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In Love With Fashion.

Melanie Slade (Walcott)- Wedding Fashion.

I have nothing else to say than.. how STUNNING does Melanie look? This dress is everything I look for in a good wedding dress. It's classy, shows the correct amount of cleavage. The dress is beautifully shaped with the loveliest little detail. She even has a little sparkle in there too.

Theo Walcott.. always looks super handsome ;-) 

The couple got married in Florence, Italy. Perfetto.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Walcott. They looked amazing!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Harrods.. Wishlist.. Part 2.


From Clothing, to Watches to Handbags.. I've always loved everything Michael Kors does. 
The watches are stunning and seem to be really popular at the moment.
I've been in love with most, if not all of the Handbags lol I'm a handbag lady.. I can't help it!
On to his Clothing though..

I look at the clothing by Michael Kors and I instantly think of KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN. 
I've always said how I closely relate myself to her fashion style.
 I love the dresses, in particular.
All dresses below are available at
How amazing would it be to add them all to your basket lol WISHING!

Soutache Lace Dress £999

Sheath Dress £499

Lace Shift Dress £449
I love these dresses, they are SO me, it's unreal and slightly depressing that I can't buy them all at once. All of the dresses above are available in Harrods' sale.
Does anyone else see what I mean when I relate them to Kourtney Kardashian? 
So this was the last part of my wishlist. I'm working hard to make my wish come true..

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Harrods.. Wishlist. Part 1.

Harrods is a luxury department store in the centre of London. For those who have never been, it's really great! I walk around like I own the place everytime I go haha (I wish!)

It got me thinking though.. If I could actually afford to buy handbags and clothing from there.. What would I buy? I will do a double post on this, discussing two different designers.

I dedicate my first post to HERVE LEGER dresses!

The celebrity world seem to love these dresses with a passion. 
They are skin tight and look as though the suck everything in, 
making you look trim and ever so sexy.

Kim Kardashian.

J to the L O

Our very own.. Cheryl Cole.
I saw this one on and I fell in love. 
From shade to style, it looks great. I would never have imagined that I would ever like chic skin tight dresses, but I'm happy to say after going from a size 14/16 to now a 8/10.. I look at dresses like this and think.. THIS might actually suit me!!

Available at £2375.00
I adore Harrods and cannot wait to post again tomorrow. I have a big wishlist but I've condensed it down to two designers :) 

Hopefully, my wish will come true one day and I will eventually own my own Herve Leger dress.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Favourite Movie and Song of the Month - Wedding Special.

It's JUNE already! I feel like this year is just whizzing by. 
First and Foremost.. I want to Congratulate one of my good friends, Adam (Adge!) as he got married yesterday!!
Congrats Adam & Sarah.. I wish you a lifetime of nothing but happiness.

I'll be dedicating this post to them, this month.
 I've chosen a movie and song to relate to weddings.

Movie of the Month.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This has to be one of my favourite movies of all time. Greeks are so similar to Indian's in the way they think. Traditions and all.. This film made me laugh as I could see my family doing and saying the same things. Great film, brilliantly funny. It's a must watch!

Song of the Month.

Bruno Mars - Marry You.

As most of you know, I am a MASSIVE Bruno Mars fan. The fact that I didn't get tickets for his tour this year is still a sensitive subject lol
This song is off his first album. I've completely rinsed the album, every song is a winner.. this one especially!

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Favourite Men's Fragrances -Perfect Father's Day Gift.

If I ever struggle to buy a male friend or relative a gift, Fragrance is always my way out. You can't go wrong..

Well you can, if it's a really bad scent ha but after working on a Fragrance counter for about two years. I know my stuff. The bottom three fragrances are a great value for money.

Here are some of my faves at the moment..

The Original.. Boss by Hugo Boss.

This is what I call my "Safe" fragrance. It suits all men, whether they are teens or older. I'm a massive fan of this scent on any male.

50, 100 & 200ml available. £37-69.

Boss Orange by Hugo Boss.

Yes, another Boss fragrance. I'm yet to smell a Hugo Boss fragrance that I don't like. I adore their Fragrances. This definitely has to be up there with my faves. Such a fresh, uplifting fragrance.

60 and 100ml £39-49

007 Original - James Bond.

I was a little iffy about this fragrance when I first heard of it as I'm not a fan of movie or music band related fragrances. When I smelt this, I was so happy as it is actually a great scent. 
It s a very confident scent, perfect for the modern man.

30, 50, 75 & 125ml available. £20-42.

Have a great weekend and hope you have a great Father's Day!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

My Current Hair & Skincare

Hi all.. My Hair and Skin care is constantly changing. Every now and again, I will buy and try different face creams, cleansers, shampoos, hair oils, toners to see what works for me.


I'm currently using this ORIGINS - Drink up, 10 minute mask. Gosh, it's great! I drink lots of water and moisturise well but my skin remains dry. My skin is naturally quite dry. The fact that this mask hydrates the skin making it feel softer and look radiant.
 It's a winner for me.
To be honest, so far every Origins product I have bought so far have been brilliant.
 Very impressed.
 I bought this for £18.


I was currently using a Vatika hair oil in the first place, it worked wonders, however the only downfall is, it is in solid form. So you have to pop it in a jug of hot water first or pop it in the microwave.
Its a bit of a nuisance if you lead a busy life. I got the liquid version which smells stronger but it works just as well.
I massage it into my hair and keep it in for at least three hours. I then wash it out with the Vatika coconut shampoo :)
My hair feels much stronger and healthier. It also looks shinier.
The oil & the shampoo is no more than £4 each. 
You can buy these from Ebay/Amazon or your local Asian supermarkets. Vatika is pretty much like L'oreal/Pantene to us. They are very popular in India and amongst Asian people.

I really recommend all of these products :)
Let me know if you use any of these and your reviews on them 
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Amir Khan weds Faryal Makhdoom - Fashion

If any of you know me, REALLY know me, you'll know just how wedding crazy I am.
I don't know whether it's because I grew up watching so many Bollywood films as a kid but I've always loved everything about weddings.

 I was so eager to see these photos. I got my Hello Mag today :) Can I just say.. I ADORE this girls name.. FARYAL which in some languages means ANGEL.

The fashion at this wedding is stunning, they both compliment each other well. Here are a few photos from the Hello! Mag shoot.

 Faryal stuck to the tradition Red and Gold colours for her wedding which is classic and so timeless. 
She oozes class and looks beautiful.
Amir Khan is wearing a Traditional Sherwani, I can imagine both outfits weigh a lot due to the sequin/gem detail.

Faryal went for a very smokey look on the eyes which a lot of Asian Brides seem to be doing, if you look at recent Bridal tutorials on YouTube, you'll find that most are doing similar looks to Faryal's. 
The look really suits her though as she kept her lips nude.
Faryal went quite simple with her Mendhi and jewellery, she let her ghagra/lengha/dress "do the talking."

I loved looking through these photos. There's something so great about looking through wedding photos :)
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x