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Harrods.. Wishlist.. Part 2.


From Clothing, to Watches to Handbags.. I've always loved everything Michael Kors does. 
The watches are stunning and seem to be really popular at the moment.
I've been in love with most, if not all of the Handbags lol I'm a handbag lady.. I can't help it!
On to his Clothing though..

I look at the clothing by Michael Kors and I instantly think of KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN. 
I've always said how I closely relate myself to her fashion style.
 I love the dresses, in particular.
All dresses below are available at
How amazing would it be to add them all to your basket lol WISHING!

Soutache Lace Dress £999

Sheath Dress £499

Lace Shift Dress £449
I love these dresses, they are SO me, it's unreal and slightly depressing that I can't buy them all at once. All of the dresses above are available in Harrods' sale.
Does anyone else see what I mean when I relate them to Kourtney Kardashian? 
So this was the last part of my wishlist. I'm working hard to make my wish come true..

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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