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Lost my Tom Ford Lippie-ginity.

I totally did. About a month ago, I went for a fab day out to Winter Wonderland. Obviously being in London and being a slight shopaholic, I had to buy a little something.
This is Diabolique from the Jasmin Rouge range. I both love and hate that I purchased this.

LOVE: The shade is the exact DEEP RED that I've been looking for for so many years. The matte finish and smooth application is everything I want in a lipstick. It's perfect!

HATE: It's LIMITED EDITION!! I can't use it as much as I want, this one will be a toughie to track down!

£36 from Harvey Nichols

SWATCH: I love the shade and richness of the lipstick. Absolute quality from Tom Ford which is what I expected. I've read a lot of reviews on these lipsticks and I'm so impressed.

I've worn this a good 4/5 times already, especially during the Christmas period. This shade of red was NECESSARY!
Here's me wearing the lush lipstick!

Tom Ford lipsticks? Opinions?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. I am dying to get my hands on one of these!

  2. I dont have a clue where to buy tom ford products from as i'm up north. This lipstick is fab! such a pretty colour! x

    1. You can purchase from
      harrods website and Harvey Nichols too, I'm sure xx