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Time for a little change.. a RED change.

Afternoon my beauties. Hope everyone is well :)
Just finished a long Cardio session at the gym.. & now i'm ready to chill so thought i'd blog away :)

A week ago, I decided to change my hair colour. I tend to get bored easily.
RED has been appealing to me a lot recently so, I finally went for it.

I used Schwarzkopf LIVE color XXL in REAL RED. My hair is quite long and thick so I used two boxes.
A week couple days later I did it again but using the one box which made it much lighter :)
Must say, I quite like being a Red head lol It's not too bright.. it's a nice dark red which seems to suit my skin tone.

My hair.. now.

Time for me to watch a movie & chill out for a couple hours!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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