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In Love With Fashion.

50 Things about Me.. 21-30.

Getting to know me a little better.. 3rd entry.. :)

21. Coloured Jeans.
Electric blue, & that Emerald type Green ..oo lush <3

22. Sleep.
I'm only 22 but I feel like an 80 year old.. the second I get in from work.. I just wanna hit the sack.. But most of the time I fight it & head to the gym but man..I don't half cherish every single minute in my bed!

23. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
I mean who doesn't like an episode or two or three or in my case four, five, maybe even six lol of Friends. I'm obsessed, even though I know most episodes word for word, I can't get enough!

24. Cute Dresses.
I said a little while ago how I never wore dresses.. EVER! I used to wear this one simple black dress to work & even wear it on a night out if I felt brave enough. Nowadays, I can't get enough of wearing dresses. I recently bought this one Lucy Meck (TOWIE) is wearing.. perfect if you have an hour glass figure.

 25. Designer Bags.
I adore this Hermes bag that Rochelle & Frankie of The Sats both own.. really adore it. Maybe if/when I've won the lotto, i'll treat myself :)

26. Long lashes.
I love big & thick lashes. The ones in the photo below are my own but I do still wear fake ones.. Love em!

I worked in a fragrance department for two years.. Since then i've been so obsessed with Fragrances. Lady Million is my EVERYTHING lol I got another bottle for Valentines Day.. Yum! I love it!

28. Fast & Furious Box Set.
I can't even describe how much I love these films. My favourite one has to be the last one in Rio. They give me such a buzz! & Paul Walker.. Mother May I ;) haha x

29. Pretty nails.
I loved acrylics when I had them for about 3 months. Unfortunately my nails are so messed up due to the drilling.. But I do love the look of them :)

The only man that can make me giggle within seconds lol Brilliant! Ive seen him live once, sat in the Chattyman audience once & met him at a book signing.. Obsessed much?

Hope you enjoyed finding out even more about me..
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. I have an obsession with Burberry Body perfume it's lovely...

  2. Great post, i love coloured jeans, sleep and Paul Walker.

  3. I looveeee coloured jeans!!! especially the electric blue-- I just brought a pair recently-- love them!!! Anything electric blue actually x

    1. Lol I love electric blue too :)))) x

  4. You have such gorgeous natural lashes!

  5. I love the jeans! I wear random colours. Blue and emerald green are my "normal" ones. I wear pink, yellow, orange, anything that im in the mood for! I cant wear black, even though I LOVE it cos I get cat fur stuck on them and they look terrible!haha
    I love this 50 things about me idea, i might steal it! Xx

    1. Lol you are too funny Kuki <3 steal away!! Xx

  6. P.S I have SERIOUS lash envy! like badly!