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In Love With Fashion.

Bargain Central.. Kourtney Kardashian Style..

Hope everyone had a lovely time, I spent New Years in Birmingham :) Love that city. I think next year I will be in London, the atmosphere looked amazing!

So on Friday afternoon, I decided to quickly go into town to get the nails re-done..

I chose a purple this time round, as it's my favo colour, I love it :)
This shade is "Lincoln Park After Dark." by OPI..

I have purchased quite a few bargains recently, & i'm so glad as I finally feel like my wardrobe is complete.. I defo can't get away with the "But i've got nothing to wear!!" excuse, cause I actually have lol
My wardrobe before was atrocious, I used to wear things that didn't even really match purely because I was concious about my weight & fashion was the last thing on my mind.

I've got past that stage now, feeling so much more confident, I've added some gorgeous tops, dresses and shoes to my ever growing wardrobe :)

I've always talked about how I love KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN'S clothing style. I didn't consciously buy these bits thinking "ooo Kourtney wears stuff like that!" But after buying and trying it all on, I looked at them thinking, this looks a little Kourtney Kardashian-esque!

I got this top from a shop called UNION CLOTHING, it's a bit like Bank/Republic really.
From £25 to £19.

Next, I needed a new coat, so I ordered one off Dorothy Perkins website & LOVED IT! I don't really buy coats that often so I don't mind spending that bit extra when I see one I like. It's so cosy & looks really smart :)

From £75 to £50

Ignore the seriousness lol
 I needed a few "Going Out/Night Out" bits too, I seem to repeat the same clothes everytime I go out.
So I ordered a Mustard & Black strapless dress from Republic From £24.99 to £10,
A dotted/ruffle dress from Dorothy Perkins From 32.00 to £18

& High waisted shorts from Miss Selfridge From £30 to £15 :)

I can't wait to wear them out!! & Lastly, to finish it all off, I bought these babies because they were half price & are so soo cute!

Miss Selfridge, From £50 to £25

I hope you liked this post. Gotta love a good bargain :)
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Love the booties! =) Sigh I wish I could wear heels that tall!

  2. Love the shoes! We can never have enough!

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  3. hehe the shoes are gorge! Still haven't had a chance to wear em yet xx

  4. love it !!! xxx