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In Love With Fashion.

It's ALL about Miss Amy Childs..

Hi loves! I believe this is my last post of 2011 =0 This year has gone far too quick.. so many ups & downs, but mine is defo finishing on a positive note which is always good :)

I'll take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your support.. If you guys weren't supporting this blog I would've stopped ages ago. Thanks for the fab feedback. I LOVE YOU.. genuinely.

So.. recently i've been tuning into "It's All About Amy".. (Amy Childs) Comes on Channel 5 at 10pm!
I effin' love this girl. She makes me laugh, pure entertainment & she does it without putting it on!
She reminds me of so many friends & parts of her personality remind me of myself sometimes too!!
Just watched an episode where she has a chef teach her how to cook scrambled eggs. So weird, as my friends & I were discussing how I'm a good cook but for some reason can't cook (boil) rice or pasta or Pot noodles or cook scrambled egg.. I'm such a freak!

If you watched TOWIE, or Peter Andre/Kerry Katona/Katie Price's reality shows, this will be right up your street. I don't do soaps or any sitcoms really, Reality TV? Oh heeel yes! I adore reality shows!

I love Amy's style.. she has her own fashion line on her website too which is worth checking out! I'm so tempted to order a dress but I've stopped myself as i've spent a little too much already.. oopsie!

I hope you all have a love time tomorrow night & I really hope you get everything you want from the new year. Goodbye 2011!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Ooooh I do love a good reality show, but must admit ive never really watched any of Amy altho I do love towie. I should have a little catch up sesh. haha so random bout the eggs, im the opposite can cook eggs perfect but not much else, altho I do wana learn. HAPPY NEW YEAR, hope 2012 has everything you desire x x

  2. As much as I don't really like 'The Only Way is Essex', I think Amy Childs has a fabulous sense of fashion and always looks beautiful. She's definitely going to be a trendsetter next year.

    Beautiful blog, I'm following :)


  3. Happy new year lucy!! :)

    I totally agree hun :) & thank you! following bac x x