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Contents of One's handbag..

Hey my darlings! I hope you're all well. Feel like I haven't been giving my blog much loving recently, so I have a new post tonight & another tomorrow :)

I recently asked my Twitter followers what post I should do.. I got feedback from some asking for me to do a post on what essentials are kept in my handbag. So, here I am, telling the world what I carry on an everyday basis!

Firstly, I always carry some sort of moisturiser in my bag, in this case I found MAC Strobe cream. With the Winter season it's always important to carry moisturising products as the skin dries out much quicker!
That takes me nicely onto my foundation..
 I sometimes go without foundation and just pop some moisturiser on instead. But on the days I use foundation, I use the tiniest amount as MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation is quite thick. It's a brilliant moisturising foundation, I love it. Gives the skin a great glow :) Always great to re apply about 5-6 hours after first application.

Lastly, I always carry my MAC skin finish. Adds nice colour to your face when you forget to wear a blush or even a foundation. Love it!

I always carry a mascara on me, I'm not the biggest fan of this new one by No7 but it's fine for that everyday look.
I carry Carmex in my bag too, Carmex or Vaseline. I'm not fussed. Providing I have some sort of lip balm on, I'm happy. Again, in this weather your skin will dry out lots so its very important to re-apply moisturisers and lip balms. VERY IMPORTANT! I'm such a believer in moisturising regularly! & Lastly, I like to carry a neutral lipstick. I always have one "just in case" For example: Just in case you end up making spontanious plans, atleast you know you can go from simple to someone whose made a little effort within minutes!

One last important MUST have.. Perfume! I adore perfume as a lot of you will know. I won't leave my house without a spray or two ;-)
Lady Million is the GODMOTHER of all perfumes hehe my fave!

Hope you liked this post. Just a quick CONGRATULATIONS to Lucy aka @lucyyr20. You won the MAC/Christmas giveaway.
I will hold another giveaway when I reach 100 Facebook Followers! I'm on 80 at the moment. 100 would be a great achievement. Will let you know when I get there :-)

Also, just wanted everyone to see this as it put a MASSIVE smile on my face & I even chuckled like a hyena lol This is for all my lovelies that have worked hard ALL day and need a smile on their faces..
YEP! It's Alan Carr as Jodie Marsh pahaha!!!!

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. That's very helpful. Thanks for sharing <3

  2. I love lady million too! I carry a red lipstick at all times like you do neutral, for that "just in case" situation!