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In Love With Fashion.

Gemma Collins TOWIE.. LOVE!

I'm always on Mail Online's site, purely to read about Celebs cause i'm a sadact haha WE ALL DO IT!

Anyway, one thing that has amazed me is this gorgeous lady GEMMA from The Only Way is Essex. I'm so excited it's back on our screens by the way :D

I've seen so many posts about this girl, she's worked SO hard. I'm so glad she isn't on some stupid diet where she hardly exercises but takes a MAGIC PILL! Ugh! She's actually working super hard to remove the weight by working out!

If anyone follows my Twitter they'll know how much of a Gym o'holic i am right now. I've gone from Size 14 to a 10 and I'm so super happy.
So when I read and saw these articles on Gemma, I was so OVER THE MOON for the girl, cause I know what it's like to be slimmer and be able to fit into clothes you couldn't see yourself wearing. Good on her! <3

She's always been stunning but OMG! It's all about the Brunettes, she looks FAB!! So much love for her!


Well done Gemma!! This inspires me to carry on working hard at gym. I bought a Skipping rope today hehe It's such an amazing exercise if you wanna get rid of that tummy area!! LOVE IT!

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Autumn Heatwave.. NOTD

Hi dolls!!! It's just meeee ;)

So, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS WEATHER? It rained over the Summer period and now the suns shining during the Autumn. Crazy!

I found these nail polishes in my nail polish draw today. Had been meaning to post about them months ago, during the "Summer". So I thought what with the gorgeous weather this week, I'd do a little something today :)

A little while ago Fabulous Magazine were giving away 2 gorgeous Summer shades by Nails Inc. Atomic & OMP! OH MY PINK lol

Anywho, I got my hands on them and they are fab! Worth £22.. genius!

Atomic & OMP!

Did anybody else get their hands on these shades?
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Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Kardashian - Fashion.

I go on the Daily Mail website nearly everyday and these girls are ALWAYS on it. Most of the time, I sit there ADMIRING their outfits.

My body is super curvy like Kim's, It's lovely to be slim and have curves but god, it's a pain and very difficult finding the right outfits. So, I always have a look at the styles and types of clothing she goes for to give me an idea of what would suit my own body shape!

I absolutely LOVE some of the outfits I have recently seen.

Black & Teal, one of my favourite colour combinations!

Kourtney wearing Ted Baker Top & Skirt.

GORGEOUS dress! Absolutely love this outfit!

What do you guys think to their clothing style?

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

100 Followers Giveaway xoxo

Hi loves. I finally have over 100 followers. To thank you guys and to show you my appreciation, I wanted to give something back.

So here we are! My very first PROPER Giveaway!

This is what is up for grabs...
URBAN DECAY - SHADOW BOX (Not arrived at my house yet hence why i've had to use a pic from the net!)
ELF Eyeliner & Shadow Stick (in Purple/Plum.) 2 x ELF Duo cream Eyeshadows (in Berry Mix & Sugar Cookie) ELF Dramatic Lash Kit :)

Little bit of Jewellery to finish it off :)
All you have to do to win these goodies are..

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There will be ONE winner. I will announce this winner in a month's time. So, 10th October 2011 :)
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Thanks for being the best readers and blog followers, I SO appreciate each and every one of you!

                           Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Happy National Kiss Day!

And on that note, I would like to THANK YOU for nearly 12 000 blog views. You guys really know how to put a smile on my face & how to motivate me to carry on blogging! <3 x x x x x x x x

Lotsa love (& kisses) Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Autumn/Winter Must Haves!

Hey dolls! So, as we all know.. the second we entered September, the weather has completely changed. We're officialy in the Autumn season :)
Some of you might be a little sad about that, But i'm one of those rare ones who LOVE the Autumn/Winter. It's such a cosy time of year. I love it.
We all need to be prepared for the colder seasons, so here are my must haves..

Slipper Boots. Cosy & so cute/fashionable! I love them :)

Decent footwear :) I quite like UGGS, not sure if i'd ever have the courage to wear leopard print ones though lol What do you think? Tacky or Cute?

Moisturiser. The cold weather will really dry your skin out so make sure you load up on a decent moisturiser. I've been using Astral my whole life! It's a bargain and leaves your skin looking and feeling great!
A cute Coat. Oh yes! I love looking for a new coat. This ones from Zara. I love the colour of this, think it'll compliment my brown hair. I know, people look at coats and think "hmm, will that keep me warm?" I think "oh, what one will compliment my hair and eyes?" Such a dumbdumb! lol :P

Lip Balm. Preferably something that will protect your lips from the cold. So something thick and protecting like Carmex or vaseline.

Neutral make up. That's right summer make up out, hello new autumn/winter shades :) I like to stick to browns/charcoals/golds/creams over the colder period. The Sleek 'Storm' palette is on my list!

Big Bag. To keep your scarf and gloves in :P is that a good enough excuse to buy a new bag? lol I think so ;)

Lastly, a nice subtle perfume. Narciso Rodriguez' Musc perfume is AMAZING!

What are your Autumn/Winter must haves?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Birthday Fun!

Hi darlings. I apologise for not blogging in so long. The last week and a half have been very hectic.

On the week of my birthday I had the worst Chest Infection in the world *no exaggeration* So i was in bed for days! Just how I wanted to celebrate my birthday. So all my birthday plans were postponed.
I spent the last week celebrating in various different ways and loved every moment of it. Really makes you appreciate your amazing family & friends :)

I thought i'd share parts of it with you guys.

Before I start though, I thank you all for your amazing support, and i've not forgotten about the Giveaway. I'm still collecting bits to put into it :)
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So, where do I start? Remember my birthday wish list? Well.. I did MOST things, I still haven't bought the Naked palette or gone to the beach! But i'm defo planning to!

One of the things I really wanted to do was go to London!..And I did :)

Shot glass came in very handy over the weekend ;)


Me & the cousin :)
  We went on the London Eye which was beautiful, and what I think is a perfect date, so ahem if a certain someone is reading! *HINT HINT*

I also went to Madame Tussauds and posed with a few Bollywood actors as well as the gorgeous Russell Brand hehe
I treated myself to a couple perfumes in Harrods, why not. Birthday girl and all that :P hehe any excuse to spend money! *REVIEWS FURTHER DOWN*
So, that was London. I mentioned in my last post how I wanted CUPCAKES for my birthday. I've been working so hard at the Gym, I wanted a sugary treat. My lovely friend made me some homemade cakes. They were the YUMMIEST cakes ever!!

I really fancied a new perfume. So I had a little browse. This perfume caught my eye straight away.. packaging and name! PRADA's Candy!
The packaging is so bright and well, I have the biggest sweet tooth so I thought ooo lets go have a sniff!

OH MY GOSH! It smells like candy floss & cupcakes, all mixed together hehe my absolute dream perfume. It's not over powering. It's sweet smelling but it isn't sickly sweet (Unless you soak yourself in it)
It's amazing. I love it :)

I also.. FINALLY bought CHANEL - CHANCE (eau tendre)

I worked in Fragrance a few years ago and I used to go over to the Chanel counter all the time, I'm slightly obsessed with their perfumes. But this one has to be my favourite.
It's very floral and very fresh. Has a similar sort of smell to D&G - Light Blue for Women. I love fresh fragrances. So glad I finally added it to my collection :)

What else have I done this weekend? lol Ah yes, I went out in my hometown for my birthday celebrations. I had such a great night. Lots n lots n lots of drinks were involved! My friends absolutely made my birthday :)
I also received all of your lovely birthday messages on Twitter, Thank you! Love you all x x x

Cheers! <3
 P.S. I wore LOLA by Orly on my birthday night out! Stunning colour!

Hope you liked this post!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x