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Autumn/Winter Must Haves!

Hey dolls! So, as we all know.. the second we entered September, the weather has completely changed. We're officialy in the Autumn season :)
Some of you might be a little sad about that, But i'm one of those rare ones who LOVE the Autumn/Winter. It's such a cosy time of year. I love it.
We all need to be prepared for the colder seasons, so here are my must haves..

Slipper Boots. Cosy & so cute/fashionable! I love them :)

Decent footwear :) I quite like UGGS, not sure if i'd ever have the courage to wear leopard print ones though lol What do you think? Tacky or Cute?

Moisturiser. The cold weather will really dry your skin out so make sure you load up on a decent moisturiser. I've been using Astral my whole life! It's a bargain and leaves your skin looking and feeling great!
A cute Coat. Oh yes! I love looking for a new coat. This ones from Zara. I love the colour of this, think it'll compliment my brown hair. I know, people look at coats and think "hmm, will that keep me warm?" I think "oh, what one will compliment my hair and eyes?" Such a dumbdumb! lol :P

Lip Balm. Preferably something that will protect your lips from the cold. So something thick and protecting like Carmex or vaseline.

Neutral make up. That's right summer make up out, hello new autumn/winter shades :) I like to stick to browns/charcoals/golds/creams over the colder period. The Sleek 'Storm' palette is on my list!

Big Bag. To keep your scarf and gloves in :P is that a good enough excuse to buy a new bag? lol I think so ;)

Lastly, a nice subtle perfume. Narciso Rodriguez' Musc perfume is AMAZING!

What are your Autumn/Winter must haves?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. I really need to get that Sleek palette!

  2. I love this time of year too! candles at night, just starting lighting my scented t-lights again! So cosy!
    I have the storm palette, it's fab! Use mine daily! x

  3. I agree with the cute coat. I scored some awesome ones couple weeks ago :)
    That purse looks amazing :D

  4. Haha.. I love your coat theory. Get that coat! Its lush!!! I had a blue coat about 3 years ago and it defo made my brown hair stand out. I always seem to think that in winter the wind blows away my perfume so I try to go for something stronger.. weird I know lol.


  5. Thanks for your comments :D x x