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Pantene New Colour & Protect Range *Review*

*I have not been paid to write any of the reviews on my blog. Everything written is my own opinion.*

I dyed my hair over a week ago. I was so bored with my natural hair colour (brown) & decided to dye it jet black. I needed a new Colour protecting shampoo so decided to buy the New Pantene Colour protecting Shampoo & Conditioner.

You can buy the 'Smooth' range or 'Volume' I tend to like straightened hair so I decided to buy the Smooth range.
The Smooth range is supposed to..
'align and smooth the texture of coloured hair for an extra shiny frizz-free finish. It's the first step to gorgeous, healthy looking hair that's radiantly colourful and silky soft.'

My Verdict:
After a week or so of using it, I'm happy with the way it has lived upto it's job. I know I shouldn't.. but I am guilty of washing my hair once a day. I also tend to dye my hair 3-4 times a year (trying to cut down)
My normal shampoo usually washes out my hair dye in it's first week & begins to start looking dry. But I found that this Shampoo is so delicate that it washes the hair and leaves the colour looking as dark as it did on the day I dyed it.
The conditioner leaves the hair so smooth & shiny as you can tell in the photos provided.
The only downside is the conditioner makes your hair feel greasy if you use it everyday. Just use the conditioner a few times a week as oppose to everyday. The shampoo itself leaves the hair silky & smooth.
Natural hair colour.

Newly dyed hair.

If you want to know more about this Range then click on the link provided

 For now though, I'm gonna go SWISH my hair back n forth ;)
Hope you liked this review.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Your hair looks lovely so shiny and healthy I dye mine black every I try do it every 3mths or so as like you I don't like dyeing it too often, and it fades so fast so I might try these im using a pantene at the moment but the Ice Shine one x

  2. Aw thank you hun, yeah give it a go. Pantene shampoos in general are pretty good! Give it a go, Superdrug have an offer on this range at the mo x x

  3. Ooh do they I will have to check it out tomorrow yep i agree the ice shine one is good, I was using the 'Cheryl Cole' L'oreal one before this and loved that but think my hair got too used to it I normally have nightmares finding good shampoo and conditioners x