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So, the Summer is coming up & for the first time in ages I have really long hair!
 I don't want to straighten my hair a lot during the summer, I tend to keep it up in a bun or have it cut. But this year I would love that natural 'beachy, wavy' look. 
My hair used to be too thick. But over the last few years it's become thinner. Anyways, I bought this spray..

I purchased this from Superdrug for £5.99 (150ml). The packaging caught my eye straight away. I hadn't seen this brand before & in all honesty, I loved the colours used. I had a little read of what this 'Wave Spray' was supposed to do.

 It says "the spray is specifically formulated to create sexy waves. The flexible formula means that hair still feels soft and light, without that ‘crispy’ feel left by similar sprays. Plus it has a clever wave memory retention, so your tousled look will effortlessly stay in place."
I bought it and tried it out. This was the outcome.

Washed hair, didn't use conditioner.

Directions: "Spray liberally all over towel dried hair. Blow dry the hair roughly, scrunching the hair upwards to create a wave."

I sprayed liberally like it said. It smells of men's aftershave which is a little off putting. Anyway, after spraying liberally, I used my hair dryer on the highest speed and scrunched away..

I was expecting something to happen, especially after spraying so much Wave Spray into my hair. This was the end result..

Side shot.
Back shot.

In all honesty, I don't think my hair has looked straighter. haha. My hair always looks like this after it has been blow dried. So, this product did absolutely nothing.
The only change in my hair was the weight. The product had weighed my hair down a lot.

My verdict: this product is awful! It doesn't do what its supposed to do. I definitely wasted £5.99 and wouldn't recommend it at all. It might be that it's okay for very fine hair. But, that should be stated on the packaging.

Have any of you tried the 'Rock Chick' hair products yet?

Hope you enjoyed my first product review.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd  x x x


  1. aww I hate when that happens! I got a freebie conditioner of theirs in a magazine once, leave it in for 30seconds and a miracle was meant to occur, I must have missed it though since it didn’t seem any different! great post x

  2. haha Oh noo! It's really annoying when they make out its the best product in the world, such a waste of money! x x x

  3. i dont know but i love your hair in the pics. Do you have dead straight hair?

  4. Aww thank you x My hair is kinda straight, it tends to have a few kinks in it when I don't use conditioner x x

  5. i must say you have lovely hair ... :D