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"Oh hey y'all!" Ha! OK.. No-one actually speaks like that here, I should stop with my bad accents! How are you all?
I've been out here for 2 weeks now and as bad as it sounds.. I DO NOT MISS HOME.
 If you follow me on Instagram, you'd have probably already seen some of the things my Husband and I have been up to.
When people go travelling and say you haven't LIVED unless you've lived in another country, they are so right.
I live right by the Harbour, in the Downtown area. The view from my balcony is half City and half Water. In my 25 years, I have never felt so at peace. The view is just spectacular, especially at night.
I am baffled and quite annoyed at myself actually that had this opportunity not been offered to us, I would never had experienced what I'm experiencing now.
I will learn so much from my time out here, that much I know for sure.
Anyone that REALLY knows me, knows that I am a very routine girl. I liked living in a small town, where everyone knew each other. I liked that my family lived so close by. Never did I think I'd adapt to this life.. THE CITY LIFE!
I guess this is just a little post to get you all thinking about doing something different, even if its out of your comfort zone. Believe me, I was having actual panic attacks weeks before I came here, I cried most days that I'd be far away from home. Now that I'm actually here all I feel is happiness.
We should all seize the day, unfortunately, we all say things like this then never put it into action. At a push, I've done it.. so can YOU.
Today my Husband told me that someone he knew passed away from a heart attack, completely healthy, just married, out of the blue. I feel so sad even though I didn't know him. You just never know what life has planned for you. LIVE YOUR LIFE.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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