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In Love With Fashion.

Lips of the Day ( A week late!) By Revlon

RRP £7.99 Boots
The perfect purple. I just need to find a Lip Stain in this colour, I use a Lip stain by Sephora which is so rich in colour and stays on for hours!! I find that I have to reapply this balm now and again but for £7.99 a stick, you can't really go wrong.
This balm is so handy for your handbag, I have 3 others which I carry on me at all times. You can mix some of the colours which is nice. A little plus side, they have the most lovely minty scent to them. I love them!

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

The Blogger of the Month is..


I have decided to introduce a new post to my blog every month. 
As a blogger, the love and support from other bloggers has been lovely. I have kept in touch with so many bloggers since the day I started blogging.

I haven't blogged properly in a while due to being super busy and not having a laptop. I have been thoroughly spoiled this Christmas, I now have a brand new laptop.. YAY! 

Anyway, as I was saying. I thought it would be a super cool idea to share my favorite bloggers with you all. Reading blogs is my favourite thing to do, so why not share with you all?

I think I came across these girls a year or so ago. Two Girls, One named Nigar & the other, Kayennat. 
One thing that appealed to me about these girls was their writing style, so so positive and friendly.
Secondly, I remember one of the first posts that caught me eye being a DIY home remedy, you all know how much I love my natural remedies!!
Their blog covers everything from Celebs, Health, Food, Hair & Beauty.

Give their blog a go, It's so worth it!

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Sophia Soraya Make up - REVIEW

As a beauty blogger and a LOVER of beauty products, choosing my make- up artist for my wedding wasn't going to be easy.
I searched for months as I knew what I wanted but just needed to find that person who just KNEW the look I wanted to go for.
It was like fate, as Sophia doesn't live too far away from me. I described how I wanted the works, heavy make up, super glam, high up do. She was THE ONE!

This is the look we had settled for on my trial. Sophia is so sweet, she tried different looks on me and was very patient. 

We made a few changes on the actual day which is always bound to happen once you've got the real wedding outfit on. I absolutely LOVED the vintage hair do in my trial, but I wanted to go simpler. You cannot go wrong with a simpler look, it's timeless. I decided on a centre parting instead. 

I told Sophia I wanted a classic look, Pakistani look. Heavy make up, very big on the eyes. I told her I loved the Mughal/Jodha Akbhar/ Umrao Jaan type of look. Everything I asked of her, she did. If she thought something didn't look good, she spoke up. Which I loved!
I've heard a few girls tell me about their awful experiences with certain make up artists, giving them time frames, adding extra costs for last minute things on the morning. You don't need that stress on your special day. My Videographer was asking Sophia to hold her poses and she didn't mind at all. Put me at ease completely. 
Sophia doesn't charge stupidly high prices either. She's worth checking out. 
Thank you so much Sophia. You're an absolute star!

 I am a big fan of Sophia's work. I hope you all add her to Instagram " Sophiamakeupartist "and check her work out. 

She's getting herself onto YouTube soon too. Keep an eye out :)

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Mrs UnLeeshd.

Super cheesy, I know I know! haha I'M BACK!! On my blogging game again. 
Quick evaluation of the last few months. 
I got married nearly 14 weeks ago. I can't believe it's been 14 weeks.. I've had a lovely long break, visited Singapore & Bali (AMAZING!), gone back to work, rested.. 
So here I am, ready to blog away for you all as, MRS UnLeeshd.
This is just me, telling you guys that I am back, ready and raring to go with my posts. 

Thank you all for the support for the last 3 years, I appreciate you all. I appreciate the friends I've made through blogging too.. You've all been so supportive over the years, ESPECIALLY this year. Love you!

Enough of the soppy stuff.. "Bigger Lips without the Fillers".. COMING SOON!

Tom Ford - Violet Fatale

I will see you guys very soon! 
Positive Vibes, always. 
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x