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Fuzz Free "Forever!" - Laser me up!

When I say "Forever" it's not really forever but as long as you keep up with treatments, you will be fuzz free for a hell of a lot longer than if you got waxed.
So.. YES! I've recently started having Laser hair removal done.
I will be having my whole body done, eventually.
At the moment, I am having facial hair, neck, underarms and arms zapped.
I've only had 3 treatments so far, but I will be having them done once a month until my wedding in August.
 I go on my honeymoon in September too, so it will be lovely to be hair free for longer. Gradually, I will be adding a different part of the body to the list until my whole body has been zapped.
Skin is sectioned before the treatment.
Does it hurt?
Erm.. I won't beat around the bush. I find it quite painful, but this all depends on your pain threshold.
I used to be quite good when it came to pain but even my eyebrows hurt me these days.
It's a weird sensation, the laser is hot and zaps your skin one shot after another, yet you have a cooling tube which blows out cold air to ease the pain.
I have also found that the thinner the hair, the less you feel it. I have thinner hairs on my upper arm and I sit happily through that.
Underarms last around 2 minutes each but I find that a little on the painful sides. My appointment lasts around 20 minutes. Its a pretty fast treatments and my lovely Laser consultant is very thorough.
Luckily.. you're allowed to take a paracetomol 30 minutes before your appointment which I am beginning to do.
After a week or so you do see the difference.
After my first treatments, my underarms didn't grow back until 2 weeks later.
And when I say grow, I mean the tiniest amount. I've seen & felt a visible difference already, this makes the pain worth it!
Before starting any type of laser treatment, please research into it and ask professionals on their opinions. 
The laser used on me is a Long pulsed ND - YAG laser, which is one of the best for Asian skin tones. (Polaris Medical Laser) Lasers can cause discolouration to Asian skin in particular due to the amount of melanin in our skin.
Disclaimer: Every persons skin is different & will react differently to every laser.
Before & After the treatment.
You have to shave the places you are having lasered.
This is so the laser can get deep into the hair follicle.
As well as shaving, you can't have any Cosmetics on the skin either.
If your skin has any sort of cosmetic on it, the laser will burn your skin, which can lead to dark skin patches. You must be careful.
After around 24 hours, you can go ahead and put as many cosmetics on your skin as you wish to :)

I do think laser is the perfect option, especially if your hair is very visible like mine.
I have a light skin tone but dark hair, so it's always visible.
 I can't wait to keep having these treatments done. It can work out expensive dependant on how much you're having done but I'd much rather pay the extra knowing I don't have to worry about shaving or waxing anymore.
If you would like any more info on the Laser i'm using or anything about the treatment itself.. Email me at
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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