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Antonia Burrell - Natural Glow Cleansing Oil - REVIEW

First & foremost.. HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY! Lets celebrate being fabulous Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Nans, Wives, Career women, INDEPENDENT WOMEN! x

I apologise for taking so long to review this product. I've trialled it our for a month now as oppose to the two weeks I had originally planned.

Basically, I was a bit hit & miss with this product as first.
The first week my skin was amazing.
Second week, I broke out a little, after a few days of what I believe was all the rubbish coming out of my skin. I haven't had a bad skin day since.
I'm loving this now.
Packaging: It is fabulous, simple packaging. They haven't tried to cover a bad product with STUNNING packaging. The packaging is everything it should be. Simple, with all the basic details on the front.
Product: The product is a dark yellow oil, it most definitely smells of "bitter orange" which is how it is described on the packaging too. It kind of smells of Orange peel, however its not overpowering. I detest overpowering scents, purely because those are usually the products that react badly to my skin. This is a subtle scent.
I apply it every evening to take my make up off, use 1-2 pumps (yes pumps, hygienic bottle!)
and rub it into the skin as you would with any face wash or moisturiser.
As you wash it off with water, the oil turns into a milk. Once you wash it off you're left with SOFT skin. Never Oily.
This product retails at £59.50 (I purchased this half price from BeautyMartUK's 50% Off Flash sale.
This product is 100% natural which I love, I'm beginning to use a lot of natural products. My skin has never been so clear and bright. It is definitely something I will be purchasing again. I look forward to trying Antonia Burrell's other products!

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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