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Area H20 - Perfection.

As we know.. the water we use can either be Hard, Medium or Soft. 
Have you ever washed your hair in another Town/City thinking.. WHY is my hair so shiny here?
I know I have, I go to visit family in the Midlands a lot, every time I wash my hair there, it seems to look & feel much healthier.
I live in a Hard water area which doesn't do much for my hair. Thankfully, Area H20 have come up with a Shampoo & Conditioner for different water areas. 

R.R.P £17.50 for set of 2.

I was sent a bottle of each for a Hard water area. I've used the Shampoo and half the Conditioner up now.
 I can honestly tell you, that this stuff has done nothing but good to my hair. I'm used to my hair being very dry hence why I use hair oil on it. It's been smoother and more manageable.
When I don't have to straighten my hair..THAT is when I know I'm using a good product. My hair has looked pretty straight and healthy.

I've loved using this product. I would recommend buying this and giving it a go as I will purchasing a bottle of the Shampoo. 
Both Debenhams & Look Fantastic are stocking Area H20. I am predicting big things for this brand.

Hope you enjoyed this review.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Omg how cool! I live in London and hate the water here, it's awful for my hair. I love the water abroad especially, does wonders for my hair :) x

  2. We have really bad hard water here too! should really try this out!