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Nottingham-ginity.. Lost. Bang, Bang.. GORILLA!

I came back from a fantastic trip yesterday. Nottingham city.
 I'd never been before, the only reason I went was because I'd bought tickets to see my beloved, favourite music artist BRUNO MARS!

I loved the atmosphere and how happy the people were. 
I'm sure you can all think of places where you've been and thought, "how miserable are the people here?"
I got such a good vibe and am dying to go back so I can shop properly and check the place out. I was really limited on time yesterday but the shopping in Nottingham seems amazing. 
The little Christmas market was adorable. Put me in a really good mood. 
Any place that makes you feel positive is a place worth revisiting. - Alisha Marie, 2013 ;-)

A massive thank you to Mercure Hotel for a lovely stay. 
We booked a suite which was so cosy and cute, perfect for 3-4 people. 
Cosy beds, a couple TV's, Sofa, mini bar, massive bathroom, quirky mirrors..a safe! ha. T
he staff were so friendly, even after my diva requests (Hot water bottle, more tea bags.. yes I'm a 24 year old Grandma!)
I would recommend this hotel to anyone who wants to stay over in Nottingham.
It is in the town centre, so you are close to all the night life, shopping and restaurants.

Ready to shop. Hadn't taken a "selfie" in while.

The bedroom (R) The Lounge (L) Hotel Mercure, Nottingham.

The Bruno Mars gig was everything I expected and more. I searched for months and months for tickets to see him. I was so upset when I couldn't get tickets. 
Thank you to a lovely Twitter friend, I finally got what I was looking for.
I've been to see him before at a much smaller and intimate gig, he was amazing then and just as good now. 
Such a natural performer. I wish I could go to the Superbowl in the states to see him perform there too! I danced and jumped about so hard I actually think I've broken my little toe.. oops!

You might have guessed that I was a little over excited to see him if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter haha I couldn't contain my excitement.

The Bruno Badges were on!!
I had a fantastic Friday night and hope to visit Nottingham again, very soon!

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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